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    29 June 2018
    What's The Difference Between NSI Gold & Silver

    If you want your home security system to safeguard your family for years to come - and to avoid issues like false alarms - you know you need to pick an accredited installer. But the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) offers a two tier approach to their approval system - NSI Gold & Silver. So what's […]

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    18 January 2018
    Why Police Recommend NSI And SSAIB Companies

    Police forces cannot endorse specific companies for fitting your home security system - that wouldn't be fair. However, what they can do is recommend things to look for that ensure your security installer is competent. So, they do encourage you to: 'Talk to your local Crime Reduction Officer, insurance company and specialists about which sort […]

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    27 December 2017
    Burglary Prevention Tips for New Year's Eve!

    New Year's Eve is one of the most active nights of the year - and we're not talking about the nightlife! According to Aviva Insurance, your home is 24% more likely to be burgled on New Year's Eve!
    Don't leave your home security to chance, instead use the following burglary prevention tips to protect your house and contents.

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    9 June 2017
    Who NOT To Hire For Your Emergency Lights Installation!

    Emergency Lights are a vital component of your commercial Fire Safety System and, without proper installation and maintenance,you could be jailed or fined.
    It's that simple.This means it is absolutely vital to choose the right person for the job.
    Did you know that, if a fireman enjoys DIY and decides to pursue the commercial installation of Emergency Lights, there's no formal qualification requirement to stop him from doing so.
    The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005states only that the individual must be 'competent'... but there's no law to define what competent is!
    However, there are specific British Standards that need to be adhered to. If you hire a fireman to install your Emergency Lights and he doesn't conform to these standards, would you be able to identify his critical errors?
    This Essex School certainly weren't able to...

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    18 December 2016
    What To Expect From Our Free Home Security Survey

    Perhaps you are a little hesitant to fill out our form to request a free site survey because you don't quite get what you're signing up for. We understand!
    We want to put your mind at ease by explaining our professional process from the first point of contact to the installation and, of course, what actually happens during a free survey.

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