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    7 December 2023
    Graphic: How a Monitored Security Alarm Protects Your Home or Business

    A monitored security alarm is the nearest thing to having a dedicated guard on duty at your home or business. Our graphic quickly shows you how it works!

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    7 December 2023
    My Dog Is Always Near Me, Who Needs a Burglar Alarm?!

    How many times have you heard someone say their faithful dog would never let anyone near them? Maybe you're even relying on your own pooch to raise the alarm if any bad guys try their luck at your house?

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    31 August 2023
    The Top 5 Burglary Tactics You Need To Know About!

    Knowledge is power! Here's a quick video guide to thetop 5 tactics used by burglars- and what you can do about them!

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    15 June 2023
    Lights, Sirens, Police - How Does A Police Monitored Alarm System Work?

    Getting a top security system installed is a great way to secure your home or business, but having it monitored by an alarm receiving centre is so much better. Why?

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    6 April 2023
    3 Things Businesses Can Learn From a Recent Jewellery Heist

    A London jewellers recently lost up to £1m of precious stock in a robbery. The traditional Victorian building was meant to be impossible to break into. But, according to these thieves, getting into the building next door was easy!
    They spent two daysdrilling through the wall and helping themselves to precious metals and gems. Bringing back memories of Hatton Garden?
    What went wrong with the security systems? What can we learn to protect our own livelihoods?

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    9 February 2023
    How To Get Police Response From Your Monitored Alarm System

    If someone breaks in while you're not home, you want reassurance that the Police are on their way, ASAP.

    Here's how to get it!

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    1 December 2021
    What’s A Monitored Alarm System And Do I Need It?

    You can have two types of alarm systems - ones that are monitored... and ones that are not. What are the differences and what do they mean to you? Let's have a look...

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    15 September 2021
    Kim Kardashian's Robbery & The Alarm Monitoring Mystery

    We wrote about Kim Kardashian's horrifying ordeal as she was held at gunpoint and robbed in a luxury Parisian hotel. Multiple news outlets claim Kim and Kanye were on the brink of divorce due to the stress of the robbery and subsequent media fallout.

    And, aside from Kim's woes, there are many questions about the poor security measures that failed to prevent the robbery in the first place.

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    6 March 2020
    VIDEO: The Film Every Havering Resident NEEDS to Watch!

    This short video applies to every Essex resident but especially those in Havering, where it was filmed. Watch this callous burglar as he walks local streets and shows how your home could be his next target!

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