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    29 December 2023
    Burglary Prevention Tips for New Year's Eve!

    New Year's Eve is one of the most active nights of the year - and we're not talking about the nightlife! According to Aviva Insurance, your home is 24% more likely to be burgled on New Year's Eve!
    Don't leave your home security to chance, instead use the following burglary prevention tips to protect your house and contents.

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    28 June 2022
    Panic Alarms For Commercial Swimming Pool, Benfleet, Essex

    Blake's worked with existing customers, Castle Point Leisure, to replace the panic alarms at Runnymede Swimming Pool in Benfleet, Essex. New push/twist resettable units were substituted for the old-style the 'call point breakglass' models.

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    10 March 2022
    Could Shoddy Perimeter Fencing Plunge Your School Into Special Measures?

    In 2017, Kirkby Stephen Grammar School (KSGS) in Cumbria was put into 'special measures' because of their 'unsatisfactory' school perimeter fencing.
    The shocking news introduced schools to a whole new world of potential pitfalls that could crop up during an Ofsted Inspection.
    Take our rule-of-thumb test to work out whether your perimeter fencing is up to scratch.

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    21 February 2022
    Does My School Security Alarm System Meet Ofsted Regulations?

    Ofsted has previously put an 'Outstanding' school into special measures because they didn't have adequate perimeter fencing.
    So that begs the question, are other elements of your school security, such as your Alarm System, up to scratch? And what are the Ofsted implications, if any?

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    11 August 2021
    Collingwood Primary School Fire Alarm Testimonial

    We love receiving testimonials and feedback from our customers and this one made our MD very proud!

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    3 December 2020
    Good news in 2020! Blake's NSI Gold and BAFE certification renewed!

    In a year like no other, it's so good to announce something postive that isn't Covid related!

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    25 March 2020
    Coronavirus Distraction Burglary and Scam Warning from Police

    Police in Havering have warned of criminals using the Coronavirus scare to trick their way into the homes of elderly and vulnerable people.
    Here's what to watch out for...

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    6 March 2020
    VIDEO: The Film Every Havering Resident NEEDS to Watch!

    This short video applies to every Essex resident but especially those in Havering, where it was filmed. Watch this callous burglar as he walks local streets and shows how your home could be his next target!

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    7 November 2019
    More Officers Means Improved Police Response to Alarms in Essex

    More Bobbies on the beat is what we've all been waiting for - and now we have it! Here's what this actually means for Essex residents...

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