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    17 August 2023
    Why A Professional CCTV Installation Is So Important

    CCTV - installed by a professional, loved by homeowners and feared by the bad guys! Yet many homeowners opt for a DIY CCTV system, which is good news for the criminals! Poorly installed security cameras are less likely to work properly, so burglars have less chance of being caught...

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    15 June 2023
    Lights, Sirens, Police - How Does A Police Monitored Alarm System Work?

    Getting a top security system installed is a great way to secure your home or business, but having it monitored by an alarm receiving centre is so much better. Why?

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    6 April 2023
    3 Things Businesses Can Learn From a Recent Jewellery Heist

    A London jewellers recently lost up to £1m of precious stock in a robbery. The traditional Victorian building was meant to be impossible to break into. But, according to these thieves, getting into the building next door was easy!
    They spent two daysdrilling through the wall and helping themselves to precious metals and gems. Bringing back memories of Hatton Garden?
    What went wrong with the security systems? What can we learn to protect our own livelihoods?

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    9 July 2022
    Should My Commercial Security System Be Monitored?

    With the amount of commercial security systems we are asked to install on a yearly basis, it comes as a shock that any of our commercial customers opt out of ARC monitoring.

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    20 June 2022
    Why False Alarms Could Ruin Your Alarm System

    Perhaps the installer wasn't competent, the system is getting old or you forgot that the alarm was active when you popped downstairs to get your newspaper... Whatever the reason, false alarms happen!Usually it's not a problem, but if you have a monitored alarm system with Police response,then you'd better read the following carefully - or you may end up in trouble.Did you know it's not just the installer, maintainer and monitoring company's responsibility to filter out false alarms? It's yours too.

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    14 March 2022
    6 Benefits Of A Monitored Alarm System - Is It Worth The Cost?

    So you've heard about monitored alarm systems as an option for your home and now you want to know more...
    This post presents Blake's top 6 benefits of a monitored system with Police response and will help you to decide whether it is right for you!

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    6 March 2020
    VIDEO: The Film Every Havering Resident NEEDS to Watch!

    This short video applies to every Essex resident but especially those in Havering, where it was filmed. Watch this callous burglar as he walks local streets and shows how your home could be his next target!

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    7 November 2019
    More Officers Means Improved Police Response to Alarms in Essex

    More Bobbies on the beat is what we've all been waiting for - and now we have it! Here's what this actually means for Essex residents...

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