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    3 January 2024
    5 Home Security Tips For a Happy New Year!

    New Year is a time of making improvements and home security should be top of the list. As we all try to set new habits in place, remember old habits die hard for burglars! January can be a tough month so we've got 5 home security tips to make it easier to have a happy New Year...

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    22 June 2023
    The Stats For Chelmsford Burglaries! Can You Stay Off The List?

    The latest Chelmsford burglary stats are in. How safe is YOUR home? From Writtle to Chancellor Park, let's explore the facts behind the numbers...

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    16 February 2023
    Beware Boot Sale Burglar Alarms. The Real Cost of Cheap Home Security!

    We all love a bargain. But buying security equipment second hand is risky! Here's why you should have second thoughts about second hand home security...

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    2 February 2023
    Dummy & DIY Burglar Alarms From A Burglar's POV!

    We spotted this great tweet and wanted to share it with our blog readers too!

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    20 January 2023
    The Cost of a Home Alarm System - It's Complicated!

    Purchasing a house alarm system is an important investment in protecting your family home.
    However, there are a number of elements that affect the cost of a home alarm system. Let's get a better idea of how much a bespoke system will cost you.

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    28 March 2022
    Pet Friendly Alarm Systems - A Quick Guide To Cut Through The Noise 

    This guide outlines everything you need to know in an 8-minute nutshell. You'll soon be equipped to choose the right system to keep your home, family and trusted companions safe!

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    2 October 2018
    Stone Cold Cheek! Gang of Burglars Fly From Chile to Strike!

    Police are relieved to have put an end to a spate of home invasions in the South East. Thieves managed to take over 1million pounds worth ofluxury items from hundreds of residents in SW London and Surrey.
    Thelist of items included handbags, jewellery, and designer clothes. Luckily, the authorities were able to track the suspects through their vehicles and many have been arrested and convicted while some are being detained by other forces.

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