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    27 January 2022
    Why The Wrong School Fire Safety System Installer Could Spell Disaster

    With the growth in the number of academy schools controlling their own budgets, responsibility for fire safety has shifted well and truly onto the head teachers' shoulders. Here's what you need to know!

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    28 September 2021
    Doing 'The Sums' For School Fire Safety Risk Assessments

    Recently, a Responsible Person at a school contacted Blake's in regards to a Fire Risk Assessment. Officials asked them to confirm they'd done their 5 year fire survey...

    Cue panic stations!!!

    Find out how to subtract the worry, add knowledge and achieve school fire safety success!

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    23 September 2021
    Emergency Lighting For Offices - A Simple Guide!

    "Do I need Emergency Lighting in my workplace?"
    Here's a really quick answer to why... and how to get what you need at the right price!

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    16 September 2021
    BANG! Don't Neglect Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

    Can you imagine the havoc in your workplace if one of your Extinguishers spontaneously combusted? It sounds unlikely, but neglecting Fire Extinguisher maintenance can actually turn your fire safety equipment into a danger...
    Just watch the following video!

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    17 September 2019
    5 Quick Checks You Can Make On Your Fire Doors

    It's Fire Door Safety Week from 23 to 29 September 2019.

    And it reminded me of a conversation I had with a nervous local business owner.

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    12 September 2019
    Protect People and Profit! Business Safety Week 2019

    It's the National Fire Chiefs Council's Business Safety Week 2019. From the 9th-15th September they are offering advice and information to Responsible Persons for business premises and public buildings.

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    6 September 2019
    Fire Door Safety Week: Blake's Boss Earns His DipFD

    Fire Doors are life-savers, but often taken for granted and misused. Fire Door Safety Weekaims to engage and educate building owners around how to use them properly. And Blake’s are supporting the campaign again this year.

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