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    15 April 2024
    Help! How to stop your Commercial Fire Alarm System sleeping on the job!

    Ensuring the safety of your commercial property means investing in a fire alarm system that’s not only reliable but also compliant with regulations. This article strips away the complexity, directly addressing how to choose, install, and maintain commercial fire alarm systems that fit your business’s unique challenges. If it’s time to upgrade your company’s Fire […]

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    23 February 2024
    What Are Life Safety Systems? Do I Need Them In My Business Premises?

    If you're a business owner or Responsible Person you NEED to know about Life Safety Systems! We cut through the jargon and bring you the facts...

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    28 September 2023
    What To Look For In Your Fire Risk Assessor

    By law, businesses must appoint a Responsible Person to do fire risk assessments. Self-assessment poses challenges: where to start, ensure safety, compliance, and what happens if you get it wrong?

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    13 July 2023
    How To Answer Questions Being Asked About School Fire Alarms

    Questions are being asked about school fire alarms every day. And we don't mean by people making appointments with the Head! Here's what people are asking Google... and how your school can answer!

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    6 July 2023
    Does My Business Require An Addressable Fire Alarm System By Law?

    It's not easy to work out whether you are required by law to have an Addressable Fire Alarm System, it depends on the size of your premises and the results of your Fire Risk Assessment. But that's not all...

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    2 March 2023
    Hands Up! Who Wants Easy School Building Maintenance?

    School holidays are the perfect time for building works, maintenance and repairs.
    But does this headache sound familiar? Multiple suppliers, Different lead times, Several points of contact
    Ugh! A project management nightmare no one should have to suffer!!!
    Find out how a One Stop Shop will solve your problems...

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    21 February 2023
    Fire Alarm System for a Dance Studio in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

    Fire Alarm System for a Dance Studio in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

    The Site Manager of a Dance Studio in Westcliff called us about a Fire Alarm System. The call came after a recommendation from another Blake's customer.

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    10 January 2023
    Do Roller Shutters and Fire Roller Shutters need Servicing?

    Do Roller Shutters and Fire Roller Shutters need Servicing? As with anything mechanical, the better you maintain it, the fewer breakdowns and resulting disruptions you'll have. Because regular servicing not only ensures the shutter's continuous smooth and safe running, you'll extend its operational life as well.

    But even more importantly, it's a legal requirement.

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    22 December 2022
    How To Jingle Our Bells This Christmas!

    It's Christmas! The office team are having a well earned break from the 24th Dec to 3rd Jan but we've always got you covered! Here's your emergency contacts...

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