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    15 April 2024
    Help! How to stop your Commercial Fire Alarm System sleeping on the job!

    Ensuring the safety of your commercial property means investing in a fire alarm system that’s not only reliable but also compliant with regulations. This article strips away the complexity, directly addressing how to choose, install, and maintain commercial fire alarm systems that fit your business’s unique challenges. If it’s time to upgrade your company’s Fire […]

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    9 February 2024
    School and Individual Fined £39,000 Over Fire Safety Failures!

    Learn from a costly mistake: A school and its Risk Assessor faced fines totaling nearly £40,000 due to issues with coat hooks and bag storage. A clear example of what can go wrong when you choose the wrong Health and Safety partner!

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    13 December 2023
    Warning! Crucial new Fire Safety regulations every Responsible Person must heed!

    It’s big news in the world of fire safety regulations. The rules have changed and it's crucial for you to stay informed, if you’re responsible for fire safety in your premises.

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    12 October 2023
    The 6 Step Checklist You Need To Follow Up Your Fire Risk Assessment

    There's a myriad of information on how to complete a fire risk assessment, but not so much about following up on the uncovered risks. Assessments uncover, but action mitigates. We've put together a quick checklist so you can easily identify the next steps you need to take after your fire risk assessment. Read on and ensure you are fully compliant with the law...

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    28 September 2023
    What To Look For In Your Fire Risk Assessor

    By law, businesses must appoint a Responsible Person to do fire risk assessments. Self-assessment poses challenges: where to start, ensure safety, compliance, and what happens if you get it wrong?

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    27 April 2023
    Fire Safety Failures in 57% of Care Homes! Are You In The Clear?

    A report from the London Fire Brigade showed a shocking 57% of audited care homes had fire safety breaches. How would your home fare if you were audited today? Read on to discover if you are in the clear...

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    26 January 2023
    Automatic Release Fire Doors For Shared & Commercial Buildings

    Can you guarantee the fire doors you're responsible for aren't propped open without your knowledge?

    Here's how you can stop that niggle by combining convenience with safety!

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    2 May 2022
    Blake's 4 Step Fire Risk Assessment Formula

    Aaaand, breathe!
    Learning how to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) for your business is frustrating and confusing. We know!
    Although the Government guides are vague and leave a lot open to interpretation, it's critical you understand and follow the legislation. The wrong advice could put your business on the wrong side of the law.
    Here's what you can do:

    Close the 14 tabs of conflicting advicearticles on your browser
    Make a cuppa
    Get comfy
    Soak up Blake's 4 step Fire Risk Assessment Formula for busy businesses owners!

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    31 January 2022
    Will Ofsted's Security Scrutiny Affect Your Fire Risk Assessment?

    As the Responsible Person in a school or educational premises, you may have heard of some recent stories highlighting Ofsted's scrutiny of school security during inspections.
    Two Cumbrian schools have been placed into special measuresby Ofsted after fears that their unsecured grounds pose a safety risk to pupils.
    So, how could these stricter safeguarding guidelines affect your Ofsted rating and what can you do to help after your Fire Risk Assessment?

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