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    7 December 2023
    Graphic: How a Monitored Security Alarm Protects Your Home or Business

    A monitored security alarm is the nearest thing to having a dedicated guard on duty at your home or business. Our graphic quickly shows you how it works!

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    23 January 2023
    Are all Roller Shutters fire rated?

    Are all Roller Shutters fire rated? An ordinary roller shutter isn't designed to withstand fire. Yes, it can provide some additional physical security alongside regular use within a busy working environment. But it can't hold back flames or prevent their spread.

    For that, you need a Fire Roller Shutter.

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    3 January 2023
    The History of Roller Shutters Doors

    Roller shutters doors have certainly come a long way. Today, at the press of a button, you can make one open or close. Connect it to a fire alarm system, and it'll close automatically in the event of a fire. They're something you'll find pretty much anywhere, in both commercial and
    domestic settings. And yet, you've probably never once thought about their history. Until now

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    20 July 2022
    Smart Alarm Systems For Busy Business Owners

    Blake’s Smart Alarm Systems can be controlled by your Android or iPhone, from anywhere in the world with a secure internet connection - making the following types of everyday nuisance a thing of the past:

    Did your employee remember to set the alarm before they left your premises?
    How are you going to let the cleaner in when everyone's out of the office?

    Your commercial Smart Alarm eliminates the guesswork and makes your security more effiicient. Scroll to find out how...

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    19 September 2019
    Essex Business Crime Survey - Police Issue Last Call!

    The 2019 Essex Business Crime Survey closes on the 22nd of September. That's not long to get your view counted!

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    22 August 2019
    4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Business Security And Boost Your Bottom Line

    If you own or manage a business, good security is your best friend. Staff and stock need to be kept safe and secure so that work gets done and everything ticks over. Here are 4 easy ways to improve security and boost your bottom line!

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