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    8 March 2024
    Stop That Bleeping Noise! What To Do When Your Alarm Drives You Bonkers

    Can you hear that? Beep. Beep. BEEP! It may not be loud but it can feel like torture. Especially when it's constant! Here's what to do when your alarm is driving you bleeping bonkers!

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    11 January 2024
    Security Alarm Maintenance - All You Need To Know

    If you have a security alarm - well done! You've made a great choice to protect your home and family. Now, here's all you need to know to keep it working well and stay safe...

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    23 November 2023
    Do I Really Need A Commercial Alarm Maintenance Contract?

    Managing your alarm system's maintenance isn't a task to be taken lightly. A well maintained system will be in better condition, functioning correctly and for longer than a system that's just installed and left.

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    18 April 2023
    What Makes Blake Fire and Security Special - By Our Customers

    What Makes Blake Fire and Security Special? We analysed our reviews and were delighted at the results.

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    2 March 2023
    Hands Up! Who Wants Easy School Building Maintenance?

    School holidays are the perfect time for building works, maintenance and repairs.
    But does this headache sound familiar? Multiple suppliers, Different lead times, Several points of contact
    Ugh! A project management nightmare no one should have to suffer!!!
    Find out how a One Stop Shop will solve your problems...

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    20 January 2022
    Why Commercial Burglar Alarm Maintenance Offers Better Protection

    Don't be fooled into thinking that your business or school building is fully protected after the installation process.

    Here's the who, what, when and why of maintaining your security system for the long haul.

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    19 August 2021
    A Cautionary Tale About The Fire Alarm Service That Didn't Go To Plan

    Having a regular Fire Alarm service is critical for complying with the Fire Safety Order (FSO) and meeting your legal obligations as the Responsible Person.
    Besides the risk of imprisonment and fines, the more serious repercussions of a fire alarm that doesn't work properly can be death or injury for your staff or visitors. Because of this, the majority of business owners are happy to get their system serviced regularly - as required by the FSO.
    Sadly, sometimes even the most diligent businesses can be put at risk if they choose to use an unaccredited contractor to do their maintenance.
    It's a problem that can often remain hidden until revealed by a professional service... or when the worst happens. Read the following story carefully - it could be you.

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