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    2 June 2022
    Your Fire Door inspection - what you need to know!

    As a building owner, it's crucial you ensure that your fire doors are always in good working order. And that's where your regular fire door inspection comes into play. Obviously, your fire doors provide a critical line of defence against fires spreading and they're required by law. A faulty fire door can not only be […]

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    26 May 2022
    Fire Door Installations: How to save money and stay compliant

    Sadly, with fire door installations, it's very easy to waste money trying to do the right thing. We keep coming across schools, hospitals and businesses with newly installed fire doors that will still fail your next fire risk assessment...

    It's not the business owner's fault. Your fire risk assessment says dodgy fire door... you get a new fire door installed but..

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    17 May 2022
    Do I really need a specialist fire door company to keep our premises compliant and safe?

    Fire doors are an essential part of any building's fire safety strategy. They help to stop the spread of smoke and flames by compartmentalising a fire - keeping it in one room. This allows people more time to evacuate the building and gives firefighters time to reach them. They save lives...

    This is why you are legally required to fit certified fire doors and keep them in full working order. And why using a specialist fire door company is the only way to keep your fire door inspectors happy!

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    11 May 2022
    Is my open Fire Door dangerous?

    We all know that fire safety is important. But what happens when you bend the rules? Is an open fire door really a big problem?

    In this blog post, we'll explore the risks of an open fire door and what you should and shouldn't do when propping them open.

    We'll start with the basics...

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    6 February 2020
    What Are Life Safety Systems? Do I Need Them In My Business Premises?

    If you're a business owner or Responsible Person you NEED to know about Life Safety Systems! We cut through the jargon and bring you the facts...

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    31 January 2020
    VIDEO: Epic Fails - the Fire Door Episode!

    Epic fail vdeos are a guilty pleasure. Who doesn't laugh when they see a show-off get their just desserts and - sometimes literally - fall flat?!
    These fails are guilty in a different way. The kind that results in big finesand even prison sentences! Hit Playand see what we mean...

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    29 January 2020
    School and Individual Fined £39,000 Over Fire Safety Failures!

    Coat hooks and bag storage were two of the issues that led to a school and their Risk Assessor being fined nearly £40,000 between them. A clear example of the dangers of choosing the wrong partner in Health and Safety!
    Here's what they did wrong, and how YOU can get it right...

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    22 January 2020
    Ricky Jackson

    My background is in carpentry with a City & Guilds and 13 years experience on the job working for various companies installing Fire Doors to compliance.

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    15 January 2019
    Automatic Release Fire Doors For Shared & Commercial Buildings

    Can you guarantee the fire doors you're responsible for aren't propped open without your knowledge?

    Here's how you can stop that niggle by combining convenience with safety!

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