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    19 March 2024
    Fire Compartmentation: the reluctant hero of modern building safety

    Fire compartmentation is your critical first line of defence. Isolating high-risk areas of your building to stop the spread of fire. This blog post shows you the role it plays in passive fire safety and how to stay compliant

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    23 February 2024
    What Are Life Safety Systems? Do I Need Them In My Business Premises?

    If you're a business owner or Responsible Person you NEED to know about Life Safety Systems! We cut through the jargon and bring you the facts...

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    16 February 2024
    VIDEO: Epic Fails - the Fire Door Episode!

    Epic fail videos are a guilty pleasure. Who doesn't laugh when they see a show-off get their just desserts and - sometimes literally - fall flat?! These fails are guilty in a different way. The kind that results in big fines and even prison sentences!

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    9 February 2024
    School and Individual Fined £39,000 Over Fire Safety Failures!

    Learn from a costly mistake: A school and its Risk Assessor faced fines totaling nearly £40,000 due to issues with coat hooks and bag storage. A clear example of what can go wrong when you choose the wrong Health and Safety partner!

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    19 January 2024
    New Home Horror! Check Your Fire Doors To Keep Your Family Safe

    How many of us think to check the Fire Doors in our homes? Some people might not even realise they have them, or need them!

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    16 November 2023
    5 Quick Checks You Can Make On Your Fire Doors

    It was the tenth Anniversary of Fire Door Safety Week recently. And it reminded me of a conversation I had with a nervous local business owner...

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    29 January 2023
    When and where are Fire Roller Shutters required?

    When and where are Fire Roller Shutters required? In 1666, there was no such thing as a fire roller shutter. Had there been, Thomas Farriner's bakery might not have been the source of the inferno they quickly dubbed The Great Fire of London.

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    26 January 2023
    Automatic Release Fire Doors For Shared & Commercial Buildings

    Can you guarantee the fire doors you're responsible for aren't propped open without your knowledge?

    Here's how you can stop that niggle by combining convenience with safety!

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    23 January 2023
    Are all Roller Shutters fire rated?

    Are all Roller Shutters fire rated? An ordinary roller shutter isn't designed to withstand fire. Yes, it can provide some additional physical security alongside regular use within a busy working environment. But it can't hold back flames or prevent their spread.

    For that, you need a Fire Roller Shutter.

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