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    12 February 2020
    Beat the Burglars with THEIR OWN Tips!

    Psst! Want to know a secret? A recent interview with a convicted burglar reveals how he picked homes to target - and it's not what you think!

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    9 January 2020
    5 Home Security Tips For a Happy New Year!

    New Year is a time of making improvements and home security should be top of the list. As we all try to set new habits in place, remember old habits die hard for burglars! January can be a tough month so we've got 5 home security tips to make it easier to have a happy New Year...

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    23 December 2019
    How To Jingle Our Bells This Christmas!

    It's Christmas! The office team are having a well earned break from the 25th Dec to 1st Janbut we've always got you covered!

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    7 November 2019
    More Officers Means Improved Police Response to Alarms in Essex

    More Bobbies on the beat is what we've all been waiting for - and now we have it! Here's what this actually means for Essex residents...

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    6 November 2019
    My Dog Is Always Near Me, Who Needs a Burglar Alarm?!

    How many times have you heard someone say their faithful dog would never let anyone near them? Maybe you're even relying on your own pooch to raise the alarm if any bad guys try their luck at your house?

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    24 October 2019
    Blake's Home Security Tips for Firework Night

    Bonfires and burgers! An annual time of fun for families, Firework Night is also a prime time for burglars to strike.

    Here's how to make sure your family home isn't targeted by a bad 'Guy'this year...

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    8 October 2019
    Halloween Home Security: Tips to Keep Your Home and Your Little Monsters Safe

    Blake's recommend you prepare for Halloween early this year by taking the right precautions, so your night doesn't go from"Boo!"to"Boohoo!."

    Our experts offer five tips to help you keep your children and your home safe during Halloween.

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    3 September 2019
    Pet Friendly House Alarm Systems

    My dog is the biggest love in my life... but there is a downside. Every night, we'll be woken up at 2am when she plods down the stairs, rearranges her bedding, or worse, barks at... nothing!
    While the now traditional midnight bark is frustrating, it does reassure us that if we were to suffer a break in, our guard dog would let us know.
    Or would she...?

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    30 July 2019
    Luxury Smart Alarms Give You Total Control Over Your Home

    Gone are the days when you had to remember pin codes and sequences - now your home alarm systemcan be controlled at the press of a button!

    Smart Home Alarms are controlled via a mobile app so you can keep a watchful eye on your home and family while you're at work, on holiday or at the supermarket.

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