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Fire Alarms In Schools

Legislation is in place to ensure schools fulfil their duty of care to staff, pupils and visitors. This means keeping everyone connected to the school safe from fire.

The buck stops with the Responsible Person

The Responsible Person has a job on their hands. He/she must organise a fire risk assessment, review it annually and act on it accordingly. This includes informing and training staff about the risks, put in place fire safety measures and plan for an emergency. 

Your fire risk assessment needs to follow FSO guidelines because it 

places ultimate responsibility for competency and engineering skills of the installer or service provider onto the owner of the fire system. This places unmanageable levels of responsibility on fire-safety system owners

IFSEC Global, July 2016

So the buck really does stop with the responsbile person OR the owner of the system! For schools, this means the Head Teacher, Governing Body, the Bursar/Financial Manager or another member of staff is ultimately responsible! Ask yourself, how qualified is your responsible person to ensure the competency and engineering skills of the installer?

Your school's one stop shop for Fire and Security

Blake Fire & Security Systems can take the pain away. We cover everything from Fire & Security to electrical and construction. Our one stop shop has been used by more than 200 schools in Essex.  Our qualified, accredited staff will work with you to ensure you comply with legislation, keep your staff and building users safe and reduce costs.

Keeping children safe in school

We cover everything you need to protect your pupils, staff and visitors in an emergency. Fully BAFE and NSI Gold approved for fire protection we will ensure your school is compliant with all legislation for:

Take home point - if you don't use a professional, qualified and accredited installation company you are taking an unnecessary risk. If anything goes wrong you face a large fine or even imprisonment.

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Thank you so much for supporting our (emergency) light(ing) issue down at Hinguar. Whilst on site your technicians were very thorough and professional in helping to sort out technical issues and getting the job done.
Once again thank you for ensuring the quality provided by Blakes is of the highest quality.
Hinguar Primary School and Nursery
Viv Stevens, Headteacher
School Security Health Safety

School Case Study

Read how Blake Fire & Security Systems designed and installed a state of the art access control system to solve two safeguarding headaches for a school in Essex.

Blake fire and security systems school case study

Fire Protection for Schools

The FSO provides guidance to work from, however, there is some room for manouver. All deviations from standards must be included in the assessment. At Blake Fire & Security Systems, our qualified staff will work with you to ensure compliance with legislation.

We have NSI Fire Gold Scheme approval covering BAFE qualifications for:

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Fire Alarm systems: SP203-1

Fire Extinguishers and Signage

Supply, positioning, commissioning and maintenance of portable Fire Extinguishers: SP101/ST104

Emergency Lighting

One of only three Essex-based  NSI Gold approved Fire and Security Companies, we are approved to design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Emergency Lighting systems: SP203-4

Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Signage
Emergency Lighting Simon Blake.jpg

Blake says...

Most electricians have not had the training and are not qualified to design, install or maintain emergency lighting. All our designs are checked by dedicated software that ensures your escape routes are safe, fit for all purpose and compliant!

Simon Blake - Emergency Lighting Manager


Like a car, sophisticated electronic equipment needs a service to remain reliable. Maintenance contracts provide that care and are offered to all customers as a stipulation of both our NSI and SSAIB accreditations.


Blake Fire & Security Systems are happy to take on the maintenance of your current fire alarm system - in most cases this is an easy process with no loss of service.


Blake Fire & Security Systems offers a high-quality alarm monitoring service through our partner Southern Monitoring

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