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Monitored Alarm systems

Monitored Alarm Systems

As many as 75% of homeowners say they'd do no more than twitch the curtains when hearing a burglar alarm going off. While out of hours, commercial properties are often completely isolated. So where are the cavalry coming from when your bells-only alarm is triggered?

ARC monitoring means your home or commercial property is watched over 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Even if your property is empty, you're protected

Blake Fire & Security Systems offers a high-quality alarm monitoring service through our partner Southern Monitoring, which is entirely compliant with Police requirements for immediate response. Specifically, that means Southern are a NSI Gold Approved CCTV Monitoring Station and Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

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Which emergencies does ARC monitoring cover?

The ARC monitoring station is watching over your home or commercial property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our qualified experts are at hand to respond when they are alerted to intruders/burglars or fire systems activation so the emergency services can be alerted. Read more here

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Blakes have worked with Castle Point for a number of years installing and servicing our CCTV and alarm systems. They have always gone above and beyond...
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What happens when my alarm is triggered?

Before an alarm is triggered the presence of the bell box is enough to deter many burglars. But, if the worst happens an alarm is activated. Our security experts are on hand to decide the best course of action – i.e. call Key Holders and the Police or Fire Brigade. Once the emergency is resolved we’ll reset the alarm so your home is fully protected again. This isn’t always the case with some alarm systems. Read more about the response to triggered alarms here.

Our graphic explains the process...

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What about false alarms?

ARC Monitoring reduces the possibility of a false alarm activation to a minimum, hence Police insistence for automatic response. Because human error can trigger a false activation, our monitoring staff will always double check before informing the Police.

Too many false alarms and the Police will stop responding! 

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What if it's my fault the alarm goes off?

Sadly, no matter how brilliant our monitoring experts are, human error cannot be completely ruled out. A visitor or new member of staff may not be au fait with setting the alarm and a false activation may occur. In this case, the ARC staff are trained to use the information at hand to decide on the appropriate course of action and whether or not to call emergency services.

What about carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) cannot be detected by humans because it is colourless, odourless and tasteless. With a detector included in your home system, alerting you when dangerous levels are present. CO can also be monitored remotely. 

Mobile monitoring app to protect lone workers

Mobile tracking applications offer employers and their lone worker staff peace of mind.

  • download from the Android or Apple store to mobile, tablet and PC
  • track the location of lone workers in real time or play-back mode
  • employees can alert you to risks
  • 24hr monitoring station who can contact Police in an emergency
  • allows staff to call for immediate help 

Learn more about tracking apps and how they work in real-life situations here.


Blake's say...

Sadly most people ignore a burglar alarm when they hear it. These days you cannot rely on the neighbours to come to the rescue… Without monitoring, you’re not fully protecting your home and family.

Ian Blake - Managing Director

Blake Fire & Security Systems - Dedication to Accreditation

We only offer monitoring from our NSI Gold approved partner, Southern Monitoring. This means your system will comply with Police requirements and so qualify for Police response. That's great but there's more - many insurance companies insist on NSI or SSAIB approved companies.

This means a safe home for your family or a secure environment for your employees because we provide:

  • Highest quality systems and monitoring
  • Experienced, qualified staff
  • Bespoke system designed to perfectly fit your needs
  • Regular and reliable maintenance
  • Monitoring compliant with police requirements

Why NSI?

Do you really know if the person installing your Security System is competent?

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