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Blake's School LockDown Alarm Prices

 Blake's are excited to offer basic Lockdown Alarm systems from just £249 inc VAT.

You will get:
  • 1 Lockdown Alert keyswitch 
  • Professional installation and connection to your existing Fire Alarm System
  • Demonstration and training for staff 

If you require extra Lockdown Alert switches around your premises, we are happy to discuss your options.

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What is a Lockdown Alert Alarm?

Terror attacks, knife and gun crimes are often in the news. And schools have been asking how they can safeguard their staff and pupils.

Our Fire Alarms For Schools expert says:

During a fire, you need everyone out as quickly and safely as possible. The familiar alarm tells pupils, staff and visitors to follow the practised procedure. Everyone needs to exit the building. 

A Lockdown situation is the polar opposite. If a threat presents itself, the Lockdown Alert Alarm will prompt staff and occupants of the building to go into Lockdown procedures. These may include locking classroom doors and getting into hiding positions.

The good news is, you may not need a brand new system installed. Blake's Lockdown Alarms can integrate with some existing Fire Alarms. 

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Why do I need a Lockdown System?

The Responsible Person in any education, health or public building has a lot more to fear these days. From gun and knife crime to organised terror attacks. There are many reasons you may need to implement a partial or total lockdown.

The rise in gang crime and "postcode wars" has brought knives and guns into areas of every day life that we never thought possible in Essex. Nowhere is completely safe and the possibility of someone entering your school grounds and causing harm is very real.

Being able to turn a key and sound an alert is the fastest way to get your people safe, should the worst happen.

Not just schools but;

  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres
  • and other large public buildings

All have been identified as "soft targets" for terror attacks. The nature of these attacks is evolving, as seen in London and other cities. Any Responsible Person tasked with safeguarding large numbers of the community needs an invacuation plan. And a Lockdown Alarm to kick it into action!

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Richard Crane CCTV Manager

Blake's say...

Lockdown Alert Systems are quick and easy for us to integrate with your existing Fire Alarm. That means minimal disruption to your staff and pupils.

Rory - Fire Systems Manager

Why Blake's are the best choice

Your School'sLockdown Alarm and procedure will ensure parents know you take the safety of their children seriously and aren't blind to the dangers of the modern world.

With our decades of experience, we have safeguarded over 200 schools in Essex and have many happy testimonials to the high quality of our work.

Our equipment is first class, meeting or exceeding tough industry and British standards so you can be confident you are legally compliant and insurance approved. Find out more about how Blake's can provide a one stop shop for all your School's Fire & Security needs.

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