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Blake Fire & Security Systems have a long and distinguished track record of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining Fire Alarm Systems. From our HQ in Southend, we're proud to keep businesses safe across Essex, London and the South East.

The Fire Safety Order requires the appointment of a Responsible Person to ensure there is adequate fire protection in every non-domestic premises in the UK.

This Responsible Person is usually the business owner or, for schools, the head teacher. S/he must ensure that there is an up to date Fire Risk Assessment. And that everything highlighted has been addressed completely. If not, s/he could be prosecuted, fined and even imprisoned!

Regulations change over the years, but one thing remains the same. A serious fire can have real implications - both emotional and financial.

Would your Fire Alarm System protect your staff, visitors and equipment? 

The disruption to everyday trading can set you back a long way. Worst case scenario, it can bankrupt a business. Plus, you have a duty of care to your employees and any visitors to your premises.

Prevention is better than cure. And the simple answer for your peace of mind is to get a Fire Alarm System from a supplier you can trust.

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Fire Alarm Equipment

What are my Fire Risk Assessment obligations?

The FSO legislation states that the Responsible Person must make a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment (Article 9). Get this wrong and the Responsible Person can face an unlimited fine or up to two years in prison!

The good news is Blake Fire & Security Systems can assist in getting the Risk Assessment done correctly and help you understand the findings and recommendations.

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Still researching?  Click here to get advice from the experts on how to ensure your Fire Safety is compliant with legislation.


What are Fire and Life Safety Systems?

Aaah, more terminology and jargon! Very simply, Life Safety Systems are any interior building element designed to protect and evacuate the building population in emergencies.

For more information and to find out if you need them in your workplace, read our blog post here.

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I would just like to thank you and all the team that have been here with me this week, for an absolutely fantastic service and a great job well done. Your colleagues have been helpful, informative and very patient with me as a business owner with little or no understanding of fire regulations and our responsibilities as a business owner. Things have been explained well and the training I have received has been excellent. Further to this I would add that the Fire Risk Assessor who has been on site this morning spoke very highly of your company was assured that we were in good hands!
Kirsty Powell, Director
Chef’s Choice Ltd

What should my Fire Alarm System include to protect staff and premises?

Your Fire Risk Assessment will inform you of the exact requirements to give you a system that is appropriate for the building and number of staff. It also covers the Fire Extinguishers.

It is essential to use qualified professionals to design and install the system to fully comply with the Risk Assessment and FSO.

Blake Fire & Security Systems have two NSI Gold Approved and registered Fire Detection and Alarm System designers. Their certified designs are then installed and commissioned by qualified and experienced engineers, who are all DBS Enhanced checked.

From making sure the locations of the devices are properly labelled on the panel to interfacing with other equipment like magnetic door locks, gas valves or shutters are working correctly.  Even if your system was not installed by us, Blake's can still commission it for you to get it working the way you require.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

The British Standards recommend that your Fire Detection and Alarm System is maintained by a competent company twice a year (sometimes four times a year in special circumstances).

fire alarm maintenance in Southend

 All maintenance work by Blake Fire & Security Systems is carried out to the BAFE Scheme SP203 which ensures compliance to British Standards and all our service engineers are DBS checked to an Enhanced level.

You could opt for a simple, stand alone fire detection system but a sophisticated integrated system might be the better option.

Talk to us about a system integrating Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection and Emergency Lighting - call 01702 447800 or click the green button above for your free site survey.

Your fire alarm system can be linked to an alarm receiving centre and to do this and comply it should have its own monitoring equipment.


Do I really need a BAFE approved security company?

British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) schemes make it easy for a Responsible Person to fulfil their legal obligations. Because, by using a BAFE approved company, you’re certain you’ve done your due diligence and complied. We will help you through all stages of complying - Free Survey, Free Quotes and Free Advice!

Should they have NSI accreditation too?

Yes! NSI and BAFE go hand in hand. NSI (National Security Inspectorate) do the auditing and awarding of approvals to ensure the company in question is complying with BAFE legislation. Read more about BAFE and NSI Gold approval here.


Ian Blake Fire & Security Systems

Blake's say...

Blake Fire & Security Systems have a long and successful track record of delighted commercial clients from numerous sectors. Our clients can be certain they will get the highest quality service that complies completely with the FSO regulations.

Ian Blake - Managing Director


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Dedication to Accreditation

We only offer what we are qualified to deliver

Blake Fire & Security Systems have NSI Fire Gold Scheme approval. This covers BAFE qualifications for:

  • design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Fire Alarm systems: SP203-1
  • supply, positioning, commissioning and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers: SP101/ST104
  • design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Emergency Lighting systems: SP203-4

NSI Gold approval means that we are audited beyond BAFE competency standards. The NSI auditing also tests for quality management. For you, the client, this means:

  • Reliable, polite, qualified staff - both customer-facing and on the phone
  • The highest quality, state of the art commercial systems
  • A bespoke fire protection solution designed and installed by qualified experts to perfectly fit your needs and budget

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