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System Takeovers and Upgrades

You may be dissatisfied with the maintenance offered by your installer or their level of service may be inadequate. The Police may even propose you change from a previously approved company as part of their recommended remedial action - in the case of too many false alarms causing unnecessary call outs.

Whatever the reason, Blake Fire & Security Systems are happy to take on the maintenance of your current security system - in almost all cases. If your system is obsolete, however, you can talk through the upgrade options to suit your budget.

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Obsolete and low grade systems

If your system is old, unreliable or lower than grade 2, and you have lost Police response, it should be replaced.  An upgrade to DD243:2010 or the latest British Standard will allow the reinstatement of Police response for your burglar alarm if this has been withdrawn.  

Remember, to qualify for an automatic Police response, your system needs to be maintained AND monitored by approved suppliers. Find out more about how to get your alarm monitored here.

For more information on how Blake Fire & Security Systems can take over your existing burglar alarm or fire alarm, give us a call or click the button below and book your free site survey.

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