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Blake Fire and Security Systems
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Home Alarm Systems Made Simple

According to the UK Crime Stats website, there were 13,281 burglaries in Essex homes during 2015. Essex Police cover over 1,400 square miles so that's almost 10 per square mile and one every 40 minutes! 

  • Have you been burgled?
  • Are you feeling insecure after a burglary nearby?
  • Have you always meant to get a burglar alarm but just not got around to it?

As an NSI Gold accredited installer, Blake Fire & Security Systems make getting your home alarm as easy and painless as possible. Relax with the peace of mind that your loved ones and valuables are safe in your home.

What type of house alarm can I have?

Basic Bells Only - Sounds internally and externally but does not contact anyone, which is why they sometimes get ignored.

Speech Dialler - Connected to your existing landline and will contact up to 4 people with an automated message to warn of an alarm activation.

Various Monitored Systems with Keyholder and Police response

House alarm prices

We are really proud of our home alarm starter package from £485 inc VAT

You will get a Texecom system including:

  • 1 door contact
  • 3 wireless PIR movement sensors (pet friendly if required)
  • 1 external bell
  • 1 internal warning device (speaker)
  • 1 keypad
  • 1 decoy bell
  • Installation by an NSI Gold approved company

This is the ideal solution for the first time alarm purchaser or the homeowner on a budget and comes with a pet friendly option.

It is not a cheap budget system that has to be taken out and replaced if your requirements change in the future.

Rather, it provides a versatile basic starter system which can be expanded if you need:

  • additional PIRs to safeguard new rooms in an extension or conservatory
  • to set or unset remotely through an app instead of dial in
  • monitoring or keyholder notification
  • Police response (providing you also have a maintenance package)

Click the green button below or call us on 01702 447800 to discuss the best option for your property.

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Burglar Alarms from Blake Fire Security Systems Southend
Pet Friendly Burglar alarms

Will my burglar alarm be Pet-friendly?

Blake Fire & Security Systems recognise that not all family members are human. Our home alarm systems can be pet-friendly too, so your cats and dogs won't set your alarm off. Read more about systems that can work with your animals here.

Can I have wireless or does my home alarm need to be wired?

There's no easy answer, it all depends on your circumstances. Call us and we will talk you through the options. But don’t forget to click the green button below to get a site survey so a professional can assess your circumstances and ensure you get the perfect system, designed specifically for your home. 

What towns in Essex can Blake's cover?

We are based in Southend-on-Sea but our engineers and installers are happy to install, maintain and monitor burglar alarms for homes in other parts of Essex - like Basildon, Brentwood, Chelmsford and Colchester, for example.  We also work in the various London boroughs.

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Please pass on my thanks for the install today. I am over [the] moon with the work and how good Darren was at explaining everything. So a big THANKYOU to Darren and to Ashley..
J Green, Southend on Sea

Is a maintenance contract absolutely necessary?

Regular maintenance is critical to keep your home alarm system fit for purpose. Your alarm will last for years but, rather like your car, it needs regular servicing. This is something the police recommend. Read more here.

What’s a monitored system and do I need it?

Sadly, as many as 75% of burglar alarm activations are ignored by other homeowners. Blake Fire & Security Systems offer you the option of using our NSI Gold monitoring partners, Southern Monitoring. This means your property is monitored 24/7 and the Police will be notified and respond in case of an emergency. But see will the Police come? section below. Read more about our Monitoring service.


Will the Police come?

According to the MET as many as 92% of alarm activations are false. The police will not automatically attend an alarm activation unless specific quality criteria are met. The good news is Blake Fire & Security Systems can design and install a home alarm system that complies with these requirements. Your home can be as safe as houses with us. For more information read this blog post about Police requirements.

What about Key Holders?

To qualify for a full Police response, there need to be two Key Holders at least. These need to be contactable and trained to operate the system. If you are struggling to complete your Key Holder list Blake Fire & Security Systems offer to be the Key Holder for you, even on a temporary basis. This service is limited to monitored systems only! Click here to find out more about our Key Holder Service.

We’re fully insured, engineers are SIA licensed and available 24 hours a day. 


Beat the Burglar

Many people leave their homes vulnerable to intruders. Thankfully there are a number of simple measures you can put in place to keep the burglars OUT!

beat the burglar checklist

Dedication to Accreditation

Why you should choose Blake Fire & Security to design and install your home alarm system


Long track record - our family-run firm has been installing burglar alarms since 2002. We're going nowhere, your guarantee will be honoured!

Dedication to Accreditation - if we're not qualified to provide a service we won't offer it to you! Simple.

Experience & Expertise - we're professional and fully qualified so you get the system that is perfect for your circumstances.

Who is in your home? – your engineer is always trustworthy, polite and fully qualified, with regular checks to ensure this.

Quality workmanship and service - we're passionate about your security, our standard of work and the way we deliver it to you.

Blake Fire & Security Systems have both NSI Gold and SSAIB approval! This means you get:

Bespoke system - designed to perfectly fit your family's requirements.

Highest quality systems - we only provide systems that last and look good.

Police and Insurance recognition - our work is guaranteed to be of the highest standard, both Police and Insurance companies acknowledge this.

Regular and reliable monitoring and maintenance - ensure your systems works in your time of need and that someone is always watching over your home!

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