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Blake's home CCTV prices

Blake's are proud to offer local* domestic installations from £575.00 inc V.A.T. 

This includes:

  • 1 x HD camera
  • 1 x 4 channel NVR recorder with 2TB HDD
  • Set up of mobile devices to view the CCTV remotely

Extra cameras cost an additional £180.00 each inc V.A.T.

The recorder can be displayed on your TV or spare monitor if the system and wiring is installed close enough to reach. Otherwise, you can have a dedicated 24" monitor at an extra cost of £130.00 inc V.A.T.

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These prices only act as a guideline and are based on unhindered cable runs that are surface clipped externally/internally and through clear loft spaces. No provision has been made for the installation of containment such as conduit or plastic trunking. Containment can be used but will incur extra material and labour costs which will be discussed during your free home survey.

*Local = within approx 10 miles of our Southend office

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I thoroughly recommend Blakefire-Security CCTV installations. We were impressed with the service we received in every respect, advice, work on site and technical support. Many thanks for a great job done!
Cedar Hall School, Benfleet
Hony White

Home CCTV systems

Installing a CCTV system allows you to see what’s going on wherever you are in the world, via the app on your mobile or tablet.

You can check for burglars, errant teenagers throwing a party or ensure your elderly relative is behaving!

Blake Fire & Security Systems are both NSI Gold and SSAIB approved, which means we comply with all the latest British and European standards. Examples of our work are inspected every year to ensure we do. Our track record across Essex, neighbouring counties and London speaks for itself.

We offer a full service – survey and risk assessment, design, installation, commissioning maintenance and monitoring.

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I’ve found cheaper equipment on the internet, can you use this instead?

Buy cheap buy twice, because no-one wants a poor quality system!

Most people wouldn’t touch a £50 smart phone but are happy to spend £500 because they get a great phone that performs well, rather than rubbish. So, why would you expect a cheap DIY CCTV kit to perform as well as a system that we have specified?

When designing a CCTV system for your home we don’t just consider price. We select equipment that is reliable and performs well. This reduces return visits, keeping our costs to a minimum. Cheaper equipment takes longer and so costs more to install, has poor video and is likely to be unreliable - failing you when you need it most.

Why can’t I get one of those CCTV kits? They’re much cheaper!

CCTV kits are cheaper to buy but harder to install; pre-produced cables are never the perfect length and plugs are wired on. DIY is DIY, neither your system nor install will be professional. Blake Fire & Security Systems use cables that are exactly what you need, cut to length with no unnecessary large holes to accommodate plugs or connectors. Read more about why a professional CCTV installation is so important.

CCTV kits are an inadequate out-of-the-box solution. Everyone’s house and family situation is different, there’s no genuine one-size-fits-all solution. Besides, cheap kits won’t always do what you need (see above).

Richard Crane - CCTV Manager

Blake's say...

Anyone can screw a security camera on a wall, but the position of a camera can be critical and should be positioned to get the optimal view and not just where it will be easier to install. Use qualified professionals to design and install your home CCTV system and get it right first time!

Richard Crane - CCTV Manager

What's the best home CCTV system for me?

There really is no out-of-the-box solution. We can give you a rough estimate over the phone, let’s say, three cameras - front of the house, side and back. But, we always need to follow up with a survey. It may mean you pay less than the estimate, if your circumstances dictate!

Can I check the CCTV images on my mobile and tablet?

Yes! You can control your CCTV system while you’re away. It’s even possible to stream directly from your cameras to your phone or tablet. So you can check when your kids got back from school, see if they are doing their homework or check if your Granny has got up and eaten breakfast!

What about hidden cameras?

Hidden or covert cameras allow you to keep an eye on caregivers or other home employees. Maybe you’re unsure of your new babysitter, or you may suspect your cleaner of theft. A hidden spy camera will present you with hard evidence of any misdemeanours. Read more about covert cameras.

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Can I have a wireless CCTV camera?

A wireless system is just not feasible in a home setting. Wireless CCTV cameras use too much power for a battery to last long enough. Your mobile phone battery doesn’t last all day so why would you expect a security camera, running 24 hours a day to last a week!

Besides wireless CCTV systems are more vulnerable to blocking, interference and hacking.

Can we have the system monitored? And is maintenance required?

Regular maintenance is critical to keep your home alarm system fit for purpose. Your alarm will last for years but, rather like your car, it needs regular servicing. Blake offer you the option of using our NSI Gold monitoring partners, Southern Monitoring to monitor your property 24/7. With this and a few more criteria in place, you will qualify for automatic Police response! Find out more about our monitoring service here.


Beat the Burglar

Many people leave their homes vulnerable to intruders. Thankfully there are a number of simple, common sense things to put in place to keep the burglars OUT!

beat the burglar checklist

Dedication to Accreditation

Your security is a priority and to keep up with British Standards we ensure our managers and engineers attend regular training so the CCTV systems we design and install are always fit for purpose.

So for CCTV we have both NSI Gold AND SSAIB approval along with recognition from the Police and Insurance companies. We are qualified to plan, design, install, commission, maintain and monitor the CCTV system that is perfect for your home.

This approval confirms that the CCTV system we install for you will be of the highest quality, the service we provide matches that and your system will comply with all the relevant regulations. Our track record speaks for itself; we have a host of happy clients, across Essex, London and neighbouring counties.

As a family run business we are large enough to do the job properly yet small enough to provide a personal touch. Our polite engineers and surveyors are supported by knowledgeable experts back at HQ in Southend.

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