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Why Police Recommend NSI And SSAIB Companies

Date: 18 January 2018

Police forces cannot endorse specific companies for fitting your home security system - that wouldn't be fair.

However, what they can do is recommend things to look for that ensure your security installer is competent. So, they do encourage you to:

'Talk to your local Crime Reduction Officer, insurance company and specialists about which sort of alarm is best for you. Companies registered with the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB) will be able to help you.'

The Police recommend NSI & SSAIB approved companies for home alarm installations as well as business alarm systems because the accreditation guarantees certain benefits and service levels from your alarm installer.

These help to reduce false alarm rates where poorly installed or unmaintained systems are often the cause.

NSI & SSAIB For Monitored Alarm Systems

In fact, you can't get Police response for your monitored alarm system unless your installer has NSI or SSAIB accreditation.

The alarm must also be maintained by an accredited company so that it continues to offer reliable protection and reduced false alarms.

The Police work on a 3 strikes and you're out system. So, if you experience a false alarm three times within 12 months, you are downgraded and the Police will not treat your alarm going off as a priority.

What To Avoid

The Police advise against dealing with cold callers, telesales enquiries, door-step or telephone salesmen. Though they say many are fine, some are not and can be extremely persuasive.

To avoid being locked into long, unclear contracts with overpriced security systems, refuse to speak to cold-callers. Be particularly wary of pressure selling techniques like exaggerated stories of crime in the local area.

How To Find An NSI or SSAIB installer

NSI Gold Certificate

As an NSI Gold accredited company, we can proudly display this logo on our website.

Confirming your chosen security has genuine NSI accreditation is easy, here's an explanation of how to find out. Don't forget to put your post code in, otherwise the map might not show you the most relevant listings.

Finding an SSAIB accredited installer is just as easy - use this page on their website to do a simple search.

Again, because we are an SSAIB certified installer, we are allowed to display our badge of approval!

SSAIB Access Control SystemsSSAIB CCTV SystemsSSAIB - Access Control Systems - UKAS

Beat the burglars once and for all!!!

It's Blake's NSI Gold and SSAIB accreditations that allow us to pass our expertise on to homeowners like you.

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Dedication to Accreditation

Why you should choose Blake Fire & Security to design, install and maintain your alarm system
Long track record - our family-run firm has been installing burglar alarms since 2002. We're going nowhere, your guarantee will be honoured!
Dedication to Accreditation - if we're not qualified to provide a service we won't offer it to you! Simple.
Experience & Expertise - we're professional and fully qualified so you get the system that is perfect for your circumstances.
Who is in your home or premises? - your engineer is always trustworthy, polite and fully qualified, with regular checks to ensure this.
Quality workmanship and service - we're passionate about your security, our standard of work and the way we deliver it to you.
Blake Fire & Security Systems have both NSI Gold and SSAIB approval! This means you get:
Bespoke systems - designed to perfectly fit your family's requirements or the needs of your business.
Highest quality systems - we only provide systems that last and look good.
Police and Insurance recognition - our work is guaranteed to be of the highest standard, both Police and Insurance companies acknowledge this.
Regular and reliable monitoring and maintenance - ensure your system is working in your time of need AND someone is always watching over your home or business!

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