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    11 January 2024
    Bollards! Stop Car Thieves Driving Off Your Driveway

    After our homes, the next biggest valuable most people have is their car. Whether it's a top of the range pride and joy or an old runaround, our motors are special.

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    3 January 2024
    5 Home Security Tips For a Happy New Year!

    New Year is a time of making improvements and home security should be top of the list. As we all try to set new habits in place, remember old habits die hard for burglars! January can be a tough month so we've got 5 home security tips to make it easier to have a happy New Year...

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    29 December 2023
    Burglary Prevention Tips for New Year's Eve!

    New Year's Eve is one of the most active nights of the year - and we're not talking about the nightlife! According to Aviva Insurance, your home is 24% more likely to be burgled on New Year's Eve!
    Don't leave your home security to chance, instead use the following burglary prevention tips to protect your house and contents.

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    22 December 2023
    Christmas Security Tips - Don't Advertise Your Festive Holiday!

    "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"
    You may be packing the last minute bits for your festive family get-away this year...
    But you're not the onlyone looking forward to getting out of the house this Christmas. Your neighbourhood burglar is waiting to do his Xmas shop...

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    18 December 2023
    The Single Most Important Home Security Mistake Homeowners Must Avoid At Christmas

    "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"
    There's lots to look forward to this festive season:
    But, aside from your children, who else is excited about the presents you buy for your family?

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    14 December 2023
    5 Benefits of Access Control for Your Business

    Once upon a time, a big bunch of keys was a sign of authority in the workplace! The more metal a person carried, the more doors they were allowed to unlock. But busy, important people don't waste time searching for the right key any more...

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    14 December 2023
    Is Your Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Provider Misleading You?!

    Do you sleep soundly at night knowing that your fire safety systems are up to scratch? If you just take your fire extinguisher maintenance provider's word for it, you might be in for a nasty shock.

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    13 December 2023
    Warning! Crucial new Fire Safety regulations every Responsible Person must heed!

    It’s big news in the world of fire safety regulations. The rules have changed and it's crucial for you to stay informed, if you’re responsible for fire safety in your premises.

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    7 December 2023
    Graphic: How a Monitored Security Alarm Protects Your Home or Business

    A monitored security alarm is the nearest thing to having a dedicated guard on duty at your home or business. Our graphic quickly shows you how it works!

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