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    12 February 2019
    How To Get Police Response From Your Monitored Alarm System

    If someone breaks in while you're not home, you want reassurance that the Police are on their way, ASAP.

    For the Police to be automatically contacted on your behalf, you need a monitored burglar alarm system.

    The Police don't monitor it - an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) does. The ARC have a direct line to the Police, who they call in the case of a break-in.Certain criteria MUST be met before you can get this service. The Police require that you use an NSI or SSAIB approved companyto:

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    24 January 2019
    Blake's Achieve Three Best Rated in Southend-on-Sea Listing!

    We're like the cat that got the cream today! Blake's are proud to be one of the Three Best Rated Security System Installers in Southend-on-Sea! More proof that homeowners like you can trust us to protect all that you hold dear. Find out how our service and systems impressed the review team!

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    18 December 2018
    What's Better - Wi-Fi Camera, Smart Doorbell or Home CCTV?

    Deciding to have security cameras installed is a smart choice because even former burglars admitit puts them off a target.
    But with a variety of options on the market, how do you know which is the best to keep your family safe?
    This post will help you decide between some of the common security camera options available - home CCTV, smart doorbells and Wi-Fi cameras.

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    8 November 2018
    3 Ways Your Fire Detection And Warning System Could Land You In Jail

    Obviously, it’s critical to have a fire detection and warning systemin place so staff know when to evacuate as soon as possible in case of emergency.
    The exact requirements depend on the type of building and the type of work undertaken in the premises.
    And it's the Responsible Person’s role to get this sorted - with the possibility of fines, job loss and jail sentences if the system is not up to scratch.

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    1 November 2018
    The Critical Problem With Home Security Quotes Over The Phone

    When you're researching a product or a service, like home security, cost is always a consideration. It's natural to want to get an idea of the outlay to set your budget.
    You'd be within your rights to assume that a company providing security systems for many years could comfortably give you a reasonably accurate quote on the phone.
    But, if you made that assumption, you'd be wrong. Choosing a security installer who offers over-the-phone quotes could be a critical mistake.

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    1 November 2018
    The Importance Of Accredited Security In Schools

    Accreditations and qualifications help prove the competence of the relevant party in their field of expertise. For teachers, the main one is their QTS. For security systems installers, these are NSI, BAFE, CHAS and SSAIB.

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    30 October 2018
    Why Security Company Accreditations Are A Must-Have

    For many industries, accreditations from governing bodies or trade associations are the only way of ensuring that a company provides a quality service. Accreditation means that a company adheres to strict quality and health and safety guidelines. Sometimes, these can literally be life saving!
    The security sector - covering burglar alarms, CCTVand access control- is no different.
    Accreditations like NSI Gold and SSAIB prove that your security installer is competent and delivers an exceptional service.
    It's up to the individual company to undergo the accreditation process themselves. For a security system installer, there's no legal obligation to become NSI or SSAIB approved.Essentially, anyone can knock on your door and sell you an alarm installation.
    So why do we insist on NSI Gold, SSAIB and other accreditations?

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    2 October 2018
    Stone Cold Cheek! Gang of Burglars Fly From Chile to Strike!

    Police are relieved to have put an end to a spate of home invasions in the South East. Thieves managed to take over 1million pounds worth ofluxury items from hundreds of residents in SW London and Surrey.
    Thelist of items included handbags, jewellery, and designer clothes. Luckily, the authorities were able to track the suspects through their vehicles and many have been arrested and convicted while some are being detained by other forces.

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    6 September 2018
    Checking NSI Accreditation Is Critically Important

    Valid NSI accreditation indicates that your security company is qualified to design, install and maintain your home burglar alarm. While a smooth talking salesman can promise the world, without this accreditation from the National Security Inspectorate, he may not be as trustworthy as he seems.
    It's critical that you check the credentials of the people you're considering to install your alarm system, so you can be sure:

    the security company is established and trustworthy
    the work they do is of a high quality
    your home is protected
    your insurance company are satisfied
    false alarms are kept to a bare minimum

    If NSI accreditation (or SSAIB) is not in place, how can you be sure that the work they do will be up to scratch?
    But even if the company saythey are accredited by NSI you will need to check. It's easy! Read on for simple step by step instructions.

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