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    26 May 2017
    Will Ofsted's Security Scrutiny Affect Your Fire Risk Assessment?

    As the Responsible Person in a school or educational premises, you may have heard of some recent stories highlighting Ofsted's scrutiny of school security during inspections.
    Two Cumbrian schools have been placed into special measuresby Ofsted after fears that their unsecured grounds pose a safety risk to pupils.
    So, how could these stricter safeguarding guidelines affect your Ofsted rating and what can you do to help after your Fire Risk Assessment?

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    16 March 2017
    Why Fire Extinguisher Servicing Makes The World A Better Place

    In our previous post, we explained theimportance of maintaining and testing equipment, this time, we're looking specifically at fire extinguisherservicing and how it's making the world a better place.
    A bold statement, we know. But it's true, and here's why...

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