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    16 September 2021
    BANG! Don't Neglect Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

    Can you imagine the havoc in your workplace if one of your Extinguishers spontaneously combusted? It sounds unlikely, but neglecting Fire Extinguisher maintenance can actually turn your fire safety equipment into a danger...
    Just watch the following video!

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    14 November 2019
    Is Your Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Provider Misleading You?!

    Do you sleep soundly at night knowing that your fire safety systems are up to scratch?If you just take your fire extinguisher maintenance provider's word for it, you might be in for a nasty shock.

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    7 July 2017
    5 Reasons To Pick Blake's For Your Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

    If you:

    Know the dangers of neglecting your Fire Extinguishers
    Don't want the worry of fines and prison sentences
    Need a competent maintenance company that understands the legislation

    You're in the right place! There are lots of companies out there who can offer you a maintenance contract - but not all of them are competent and understand the legislation...
    Here's why you should pick Blake's:

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