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    23 February 2018
    Pet Friendly Alarm Systems - A Quick Guide To Cut Through The Noise 

    By now you know that a regular alarm systemisn't compatible with pets because of the increased risk of false alarms.
    And you've heard pet friendly alarm systems can save the day!But you're stuck on what to do next... what options are available and which is right for you and your pets?
    Thisguide outlines everything you need to know in an 8-minutenutshell. Read this and you'll be equipped tochoose the right system to keep your home, family and trusted companions safe!

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    18 January 2018
    Why Police Recommend NSI And SSAIB Companies

    Police forces cannot endorse specific companies for fitting your home security system - that wouldn't be fair. However, what they can do is recommend things to look for that ensure your security installer is competent. So, they do encourage you to: 'Talk to your local Crime Reduction Officer, insurance company and specialists about which sort […]

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    27 December 2017
    Burglary Prevention Tips for New Year's Eve!

    New Year's Eve is one of the most active nights of the year - and we're not talking about the nightlife! According to Aviva Insurance, your home is 24% more likely to be burgled on New Year's Eve!
    Don't leave your home security to chance, instead use the following burglary prevention tips to protect your house and contents.

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    2 November 2017
    Wired or Wireless Burglar Alarms Comparison - Your Questions Answered

    When considering a new alarm system for your home or commercial premisesyou will no doubt want to weigh up the pros and cons of a wired system against those for wireless burglar alarms. You are not alone...
    So, using the traditional "system-off" style, we've laid out the facts in a wired vs wireless comparison to help you make the right choice. Let's start at the beginning with a brief explanation of each type of alarm system.

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    29 September 2017
    Does My School Security Alarm System Meet Ofsted Regulations?

    Ofsted put an 'Outstanding' school into special measuresbecause they didn't have adequate perimeter fencing.
    So that begs the question, are other elements of your school security, such as your Alarm System, up to scratch? And what are the Ofsted implications, if any?

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    13 April 2017
    Why Commercial Burglar Alarm Maintenance Offers Better Protection

    Don't be fooled into thinking that your business or school building is fully protected after the installation process. Maintaining and monitoring your alarm system are vital elements of your security.
    So here's the who, what, when and why of maintaining your security system.

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    2 March 2017
    Look At Our New 'State of the Art' Training Room!

    The Blake Group is proud to show off the new training room at our HQ in Southend-on-Sea, Essex - completed shortly before Christmas 2016.

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    3 February 2017
    REVEALED - Latest UK Burglary Hotspots

    The wait is finally over. After analysing 1.8 million home insurance claims from January 2015 - December 2016, MoneySupermarketreveal the postcodes for the biggest burglary hotspots in the UK.

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    1 February 2017
    Going On Holiday? Use These Home Security Tips Before You Go Skiing

    It's that time of year! To escape the cold, grey Essex fog, Southenders have been heading off on their skiing holidays, to zoom down mountains, drink wine and have a great time in the snow.

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