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    26 February 2019
    Why Your Burglar Alarm Is Beeping & How To Stop It

    You're just about to settle down on the sofa or slip under the warm duvet after a long day when it happens...
    The burglar alarm is beeping again! Arrrg!
    You're not sure what it's trying to tell you but one thing is certain - you cannot put up with the annoyance, stress and worry any longer.
    Find out the 3 most common reasons why your home alarmis beeping and what you can do about it!

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    21 February 2019
    Beware Boot Sale Burglar Alarms. The Real Cost of Cheap Home Security!

    We all love a bargain. But buying security equipment second hand comes with great risk.Here's why you should havesecond thoughtsabout second handhome security...

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    29 January 2019
    Dummy & DIY Burglar Alarms From A Burglar's POV!

    We spotted this great tweet and wanted to share it with our blog readers too!

    An empty Celebrations tub is great for keeping your home secure
    — joe heenan (@joeheenan) January 10, 2019
    We think he lives in Quality Street! There won't be any Celebrationswhen he's burgled though. In fact, he'll need Heroesto help out.

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    3 January 2019
    Southend Home Intruder Alarm Testimonial

    We love receiving testimonials and feedback from our customers, especially when they're as nice as this:

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    18 December 2018
    What's Better - Wi-Fi Camera, Smart Doorbell or Home CCTV?

    Deciding to have security cameras installed is a smart choice because even former burglars admitit puts them off a target.
    But with a variety of options on the market, how do you know which is the best to keep your family safe?
    This post will help you decide between some of the common security camera options available - home CCTV, smart doorbells and Wi-Fi cameras.

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    13 December 2018
    Smart Alarm Systems For Busy Business Owners

    Blake’s Smart Alarm Systems can be controlled by your Android or iPhone, from anywhere in the world with a secure internet connection - making the following types of everyday nuisance a thing of the past:

    Did your employee remember to set the alarm before they left your premises?
    How are you going to let the cleaner in when everyone's out of the office?

    Your commercial Smart Alarm eliminates the guesswork and makes your security more effiicient. Scroll to find out how...

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    6 December 2018
    [VIDEO] 2 Simple But Effective Christmas Security Tips From Essex Police

    Christmas..."It's the mooooostwonderful time of the year!"
    But it's not only your family and friends who are looking forward to those nicely wrapped presents sitting under your tree...Your neighbourhood burglar has his eye on them too! Watch the following video from Essex Policeand learn how to keep your home and family safe this Christmas.

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    1 November 2018
    The Critical Problem With Home Security Quotes Over The Phone

    When you're researching a product or a service, like home security, cost is always a consideration. It's natural to want to get an idea of the outlay to set your budget.
    You'd be within your rights to assume that a company providing security systems for many years could comfortably give you a reasonably accurate quote on the phone.
    But, if you made that assumption, you'd be wrong. Choosing a security installer who offers over-the-phone quotes could be a critical mistake.

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    30 October 2018
    Why Security Company Accreditations Are A Must-Have

    For many industries, accreditations from governing bodies or trade associations are the only way of ensuring that a company provides a quality service. Accreditation means that a company adheres to strict quality and health and safety guidelines. Sometimes, these can literally be life saving!
    The security sector - covering burglar alarms, CCTVand access control- is no different.
    Accreditations like NSI Gold and SSAIB prove that your security installer is competent and delivers an exceptional service.
    It's up to the individual company to undergo the accreditation process themselves. For a security system installer, there's no legal obligation to become NSI or SSAIB approved.Essentially, anyone can knock on your door and sell you an alarm installation.
    So why do we insist on NSI Gold, SSAIB and other accreditations?

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