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    12 September 2019
    Protect People and Profit! Business Safety Week 2019

    It's the National Fire Chiefs Council's Business Safety Week 2019. From the 9th-15th September they are offering advice and information to Responsible Persons for business premises and public buildings.

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    6 September 2019
    Fire Door Safety Week: Blake's Boss Earns His DipFD

    Fire Doors are life-savers, but often taken for granted and misused. Fire Door Safety Weekaims to engage and educate building owners around how to use them properly. And Blake’s are supporting the campaign again this year.

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    13 August 2019
    A Fire Alarm Zone Plan Will Make Your Business A Safer Place

    In 2004, multiple fire safety failings led to the devastating fire in Rosepark Care Home, resulting in 34 casualties and 14 fatalities - 10 of whom were dead at the scene. One of those failings was a lack of Fire Alarm Zone Plans.
    A small fire that broke out in a storage cupboard quickly spread. It ripped through the entire building taking the lives of 14 residents.
    Since the fatal accident at the South Lanarkshire care home, the legislation was updatedto reflect lessons learned - resulting in an increased awareness of zone plansamong business owners.
    However, there may still be business owners and Responsible Personsthat don't have them in place - leaving their business at greater riskthan it should be.

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    9 August 2019
    What To Look For In Your Fire Risk Assessor

    By law, every business must name a Responsible Person (RP) to carry out a fire risk assessment. In theory business owners could do the assessment and regular inspections themselves. But how do you know where to start on such an important task? Do you know what you need to keep safe and compliant? What happens if you get it wrong?

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    1 August 2019
    Could Your Essex Business Employ An On-Call Firefighter?

    Blake's personnel spend a lot of time educating schools and businesses about fire safety. But what about when the worst happens and you have to send for the Fire Brigade?

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    26 June 2019
    Your School's Duty Of Care, Emergency Lighting And Hours of Darkness

    The Hours of Darkness myth is a dangerous one. The truth is that 99.9% of schools require emergency lighting to fulfil their duty of care. If you don't think yours is one of them you need to read this post!

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    20 June 2019
    How To Answer Questions Being Asked About School Fire Alarms

    Questions are being asked about school fire alarms every day. And we don't mean by people making appointments with the Head! Here's what people are asking Google... and how your school can answer!

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    16 May 2019
    Blake's Install Touch Screen Tech For Southend School Fire Safety

    Blake's are proud to have safeguarded over 200 schools in the South East. We are passionate about keeping young people safe! That's why we were thrilled when a local Southend-on-Sea high school contacted us again to address their fire safety concerns after a new block of classrooms was built...

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    25 April 2019
    On Guard in Ongar! Blake's Improve Security and Safeguard Another Local School

    Ever had a little problem that was causing a major headache? Here's how we solved one of them to improve safeguarding and school security in Ongar, Essex...

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