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    25 July 2019
    The Top 5 Burglary Tactics You Need To Know About!

    Knowledge is power! Here's a quick video guide to thetop 5 tactics used by burglars- and what you can do about them!

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    13 June 2019
    The Stats For Chelmsford Burglaries! Can You Stay Off The List?

    The latest Chelmsford burglary stats are in. How safe is YOUR home? From Writtle to Chancellor Park, let's explore the facts behind the numbers...

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    6 June 2019
    Westcliff-on-Sea Wireless Intruder Alarm Testimonial

    We love receiving testimonials and feedback from our customers, especially when they're as nice as this:

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    5 June 2019
    Lights, Sirens, Police - How Does A Police Monitored Alarm System Work?

    Monitored or not monitored, that is the question. The answer, however, really depends on your precise needs. Before we go into detail about how Police monitoringworks, let's answer a couple of common questions.
    "Will my system be monitored by the Police?"
    In a word, no. Your system is monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who have access to the Police via a designated phone line. The Police will respond to your alarm, but aren't themselves monitoring it.
    "Is it really important to have it monitored?"
    Getting a top security system installed is a great way to secure your home, family and possessions but having it monitored by an alarm receiving centre is so much better.

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    9 April 2019
    Using Rhyme to Combat Crime in Essex!

    Do you have a favourite poet? We have a new one. It's whoever came up with this short but sweet ditty at Essex Police!

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    4 April 2019
    3 Things Businesses Can Learn From a Recent Jewellery Heist

    A London jewellers recently lost up to £1m of precious stock in a robbery. The traditional Victorian building was meant to be impossible to break into. But, according to these thieves, getting into the building next door was easy!
    They spent two daysdrilling through the wall and helping themselves to precious metals and gems. Bringing back memories of Hatton Garden?
    What went wrong with the security systems? What can we learn to protect our own livelihoods?

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    26 February 2019
    Why Your Burglar Alarm Is Beeping & How To Stop It

    You're just about to settle down on the sofa or slip under the warm duvet after a long day when it happens...
    The burglar alarm is beeping again! Arrrg!
    You're not sure what it's trying to tell you but one thing is certain - you cannot put up with the annoyance, stress and worry any longer.
    Find out the 3 most common reasons why your home alarmis beeping and what you can do about it!

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    21 February 2019
    Beware Boot Sale Burglar Alarms. The Real Cost of Cheap Home Security!

    We all love a bargain. But buying security equipment second hand comes with great risk.Here's why you should havesecond thoughtsabout second handhome security...

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    29 January 2019
    Dummy & DIY Burglar Alarms From A Burglar's POV!

    We spotted this great tweet and wanted to share it with our blog readers too!

    An empty Celebrations tub is great for keeping your home secure
    — joe heenan (@joeheenan) January 10, 2019
    We think he lives in Quality Street! There won't be any Celebrationswhen he's burgled though. In fact, he'll need Heroesto help out.

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