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Convicted Burglar Speaks Out To Teach You How To Secure Your Home

Date: 5 April 2024

Here's a blast from the past that is still relevant in 2021. Back in December 2016, we first published this post with a video of a convicted burglar revealing the tricks of the trade in the hope of encouraging homeowners to think more carefully about security.

The video below, from Essex Police, will give you some effective, but often underestimated, tips on how to secure your home.

A burglar's tricks of the trade

For obvious reasons, the convicted burglar remained anonymous but he wasn't shy about revealing the drug-fueled past that spurred him on to break into numerous homes.

The key points he made were:

  • He burgled homes at night to avoid getting caught
  • Out of 20 homes, at least 3 or 4 would leave their doors unlocked
  • He never used to target specific homes, he just roamed the street until he came across a house that was easy to get into
  • If the doors were locked, he would leave the house alone
  • He would steal small valuables such as cash, jewellery or smart phones so that he didn't look suspicious when he left
  • The biggest give away as to whether your home is an easy target is if your car is left unlocked on the driveway

how secure is your home

He even said that he was able to break into homes with alarm systems because homeowners often left them unset at night!

How to secure your home and prevent a break in

Now you know how a burglar thinks, follow the steps below so you are always one step ahead.

Remember, if your home is an easy target, the burglar could return to raid your home a second time!

Beat the burglars with our interactive quiz

Together, we can beat the burglars. Click the image below to check how safe your home is!

how secure is your home

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