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Blake's commercial CCTV prices

Blake's are proud to offer local* commercial installations from £479.17 exc V.A.T. 

This includes:

  • 1 x HD camera
  • 1 x 4 channel NVR with 2TB HDD
  • Set up of mobile devices to view the CCTV remotely


  • Extra cameras cost an additional £150 each exc V.A.T.
  • The recorder can be displayed on a 24” monitor for £108.34 exc V.A.T.
Ask A Question Or Request A QuoteThese prices only act as a guideline and are based on unhindered cable runs that are surface clipped externally/internally and through clear loft spaces. No provision has been made for the installation of containment such as conduit or plastic trunking. Containment can be used but will incur extra material and labour costs this will be discussed when we come to do your free site survey.

*Local = within approx 10 miles of our Southend office

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Commercial CCTV Security systems

Installing a commercial CCTV system allows you to see what’s going on at your business premises wherever you are, via the app on your mobile or tablet. You can:

  • Check for burglars
  • Keep an eye on employee productivity
  • Safeguard pupils
  • Ensure you comply with Health and Safety regulations.

The business applications are almost endless!

Blake Fire & Security Systems are both NSI Gold and SSAIB approved, which means we comply with all the latest British and European standards. We have designed, installed, commissioned and maintained commercial CCTV systems for all manner of businesses across numerous sectors and all kinds of buildings in Essex, London and neighbouring counties.

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What's the best CCTV installation for my business? Is there a business case?

There’s no simple answer, it depends on your requirements and budget. Security cameras are ideal for schools, offices, warehouses, emergency services, production lines in factories, etc., to protect:

  • Your business against loss from intruders, unscrupulous employees and missing items from forgetful delivery drivers.
  • Employers against theft, claims and poor productivity – e.g. heatmap playback can indicate which areas of a shop are most popular!
  • Employees' health and safety and lone workers from danger.
  • School pupils and help schools comply with safeguarding responsibilities such as bullying.

Do I really need a maintenance contract?

Like a car, your CCTV system is used every day, so over time it will need a service.

We often hear things like “when we checked, the CCTV system wasn’t recording, for at least two months!” It’s obvious, but if the main system fails you won’t get the protection you require. You should perform weekly checks on your equipment and use a professional Security company, like Blake's, to regularly service your equipment – once or twice a year depending on the environment the installation is in.

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Richard Crane CCTV Manager

Blake's say...

You shouldn't accept poor quality. Sometimes the settings are wrong, other times the installation itself is poor. Distance is never a valid excuse. Image quality should be the same if the camera is one metre away or 1000!

Richard Crane - CCTV Manager

I need a really clear shot, how do I improve the CCTV image quality?

You wouldn’t put up with a poor quality picture to watch Eastenders, so you shouldn’t put up with a poor quality CCTV picture. If your installer says a clear picture is not possible, you need a professional!

High-quality CCTV images are critical for identifying criminals, especially if the footage has to be used in court. Factory settings are unlikely to give you what you want from your system. Our professional personnel will ensure you get the best possible picture by:

  • Installing the cameras in the right position for what you want – eye level for facial recognition, for example.
  • Ensuring you have the features you need – such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition.
  • Changing the default settings on the equipment to achieve the best possible results as shown below.

Rely on professionals, don't settle for motion blur! Find out more here.

Blurred CCTV image
Sharp CCTV image.jpg

What about covert cameras?

With careful planning and imagination, covert cameras can be very effective. However, it’s not always easy to get the camera in the right position to obtain the desired view whilst hiding the cables etc.  We approach each covert installation with flexibility and discretion because each situation tends to be bespoke, depending on the environment - from an office to an industrial setting

Give us a call on 01702 447800 to run through the options.


Why NSI?

Do you really know if the person installing your Security System is competent?

Blake fire and security systems why NSI Gold free ebook

Saving the day for Castle Point Borough Council

When it rained heavily during the flood season, the council were forced to send a man down to check the drains four times a day! The drain was blocking and flooding into neighbouring gardens causing damage and distress.

The solution was a wireless security camera, powered by the street lighting supply and run from a 3G router allowing checking from PCs and smart phones. The image is even clearer on the phone than on the screenshot below and the council save money by catching a flood early and avoiding wasted visits!

CCTV Prittlebrook Water Course.jpg

Dedication to Accreditation

Your business security is a priority and to keep up with British Standards we ensure our managers and engineers attend regular training so the CCTV systems we design and install are always fit for purpose.

So for CCTV we have both NSI Gold AND SSAIB approval, along with recognition from the Police and Insurance companies. We are qualified to plan, design, install, commission, maintain and monitor the CCTV system perfect for the non-domestic building you are sat in right now.

This approval confirms that your CCTV system will be of the highest quality, the service we provide matches that and your system will comply with all the relevant regulations. Our track record speaks for itself; we have a host of happy commercial clients, across many industries and buildings.

As a family run business we are large enough to do the job properly yet small enough to provide a personal touch. Our polite engineers and surveyors are supported by knowledgeable experts back at HQ in Southend.

Blakes helped to install a CCTV to monitor a watercourse during flooding events, the site had no internet access and limited electrical supply. Through testing many systems we now have a bespoke system that prevents the need for the watercourse to be checked in person, it can instead be checked via desktop computers and smartphones saving the council both time and money.
Castle Point Borough Council
Tim Read, Operational Services Team Leader

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