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Automatic Gates, Barriers & Bollards quickly solve your irritating security and safety problems

Getting in and out is straightforward for your staff BUT... tricky for criminals. Deliveries are easy to control. And unauthorised vehicles are kept out.

All gates barriers and bollards are installed by accredited experts to British Standards. Protecting your premises becomes much easier

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    Automatic Gates, Barriers & Bollards

    There’s more to powered gates than bolting a motor to a gate. A correct installation will ensure your gates are safe to European and British Standards. Anything less and your responsible person or building owner/manager is at risk of prosecution. You must use a professional, qualified installer!

    Blake Fire & Security Systems are the answer! With DHF (Door and Hardware Federation) approval and as trusted, approved installers for the industry leading suppliers, we always do a great job. For our clients this means three things:
    • High standards – you will get the best equipment for your requirements, professionally installed to British and European standards.
    • Fast turnaround – because we hold most of the equipment we need at our HQ in Southend, we can offer a rapid turnaround. Workload permitting, we can usually get the job done in a week.
    • Preferential prices – we offer fantastic value due to the long established relationships with our suppliers. We get a better deal than you would ever get from from industry leading manufacturers.
    "I write to congratulate your staff, Matt and Ben, on the excellent job they did on the automation of the school gates. It has taken quite some time to come to fruition due to the complex nature of the project and I very much appreciated their help and advice on the best way forward when certain unforeseen issues arose. Ben spent a considerable amount of time on site whilst we are operational and he was very respectful to the staff, pupils and parents. He was subjected to the most horrendous weather and yet remained cheerful and extremely professional."
    Mrs Rebecca Perman, Headteacher
    Eastwood Primary School & Nursery
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    Audited & Approved

    ...compliant AND in safe hands with Blake's
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    Dedication to Accreditation

    Mat Finch - Access Control Manager
    Mat Finch
    Access Control Manager
    At Blake Fire & Security Systems, our success is built on being approved for quality and expertise by our peers but remaining approachable and accessible to our customers. We only offer a service we are qualified to provide!

    As a member of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) Powered Gate Group we’re approved to install automatic gates to Quality Assured standards of competence and customer service. All members must also operate within a code of conduct which governs standards of workmanship, quality, training, safety, business integrity and CE marking compliance.

    Also, we are approved access control installers, with Paxton Gold status and an authorised dealer for PAC, Fermax and Videx! This means you can be certain your installation will be of exceptional quality and perfectly safe for users.
    Automatic Gates

    How do automatic gates work?

    There are a number of ways automatic gates can operate:
    • On a time clock – useful to allow staff or tradesmen entry at set times.
    • Keypad or fob entry – tap in the code or swipe your fob.
    • Remote wireless key fob entry – works like a car key fob.
    Automatic gates are often hinged on posts and swing open, while sliding gates work on a track or a cantilever system. Both are powered by a motor with gearbox when activated.

    Why do I need automatic gates for my business?

    Automatic gates provide a myriad of solutions to irritating problems and security issues.
    • Schools – control car parking so staff can get a parking space; safeguard children by keeping unauthorised vehicles and their occupants out! Read more about school security
    • Offices and retail – control parking, allow essential workers in, easy access for deliveries. You're provided with a code so you have no need to rely on others closing up after they leave. Your gates will automatically close!
    By issuing your code or fob to the relevant people, there’s no need to open up when a courier arrives out of hours. Also, if a member of staff leaves under a cloud, just change the code or delete their fob from the system and your ex-employee is immediately denied access!

    How safe are powered gates?

    Choose Blake Fire & Security Systems to install your automatic gate system and everything will be safe and compliant because we keep up with the latest standards enforced by the DHF.

    Sometimes we are asked to service dangerous gates that do not comply. We are obliged to issue an unsafe gate notification and put them out of service. It’s like the gasman condemning a dodgy boiler.

    The onus is then on the Responsible Person to get the gates up to current standards. You are better off getting them serviced by a professional, approved company in the first instance. We also provide maintenance contracts for our commercial clients. We would recommend two visits a year to ensure your gates stay safe.

    Mat Finch

    Access Control Manager
    In 2008 I joined Blake Fire & Security Systems as the Access Control Manager. Since then, my department has grown and our work has also expanded from just access control and door entry to include powered doors, gates and barriers.

    Click to read more about our Door Entry Systems & Automatic Gates team.
    I want to read more about Mat
    Mat Finch - Access Control Manager
    Automatic Bollards

    What is the legislation for automatic gates?

    Powered gate systems are deemed to be machinery. This means that every new and existing powered gate must comply with the European Machinery Directive, particularly the Essential Health and Safety Requirements, be CE marked and accompanied with a Declaration of Conformity.

    Simple rule of thumb – you need to look for a DHF approved installer / maintenance company to ensure your gates, barrier and bollards are installed to the latest standards. If your automated gates do not comply with these standards and it hurts someone you risk prosecution.

    What about bollards?

    Sometimes bollards are the correct solution, these can be raised automatically or manually. Automatic is often the best option. For example, a service yard at a retail park employed a manual gate but, with so many delivery drivers coming and going, it was often left open. This meant issues with unwanted visitors. The solution was a set of three raising bollards, which closed automatically behind the leaving vehicle thus keeping unwanted visitors out!

    What else do you do?

    Automatic barriers! The obvious choice for many car parks, these prevent vehicles entering while allowing pedestrians access to their parked vehicles. We also design, supply and install roller shutters and powered doors for retail, office and warehouse buildings.

    Dedication to Accreditation

    Why you should choose Blake Fire & Security to design, install and maintain your Fire and/or Security system, including Fire Doors.
    Long track record - our family-run firm has been installing fire and security protection across four decades. We're not going anywhere. Your guarantee will be honoured!
    Dedication to Accreditation - if we're not qualified to provide a service we won't offer it to you! Simple.
    Experience & Expertise - we're professional and fully qualified so you get the system that is perfect for your circumstances.
    Who is in your home or premises? - your engineer is always trustworthy, polite and fully qualified, with regular checks to ensure this.
    Quality workmanship and service - we're passionate about your security, our standard of work and the way we deliver it to you.
    Blake Fire & Security Systems have BAFE, NSI Gold, SSAIB and BM Trada approval! This means you get:
    Bespoke systems - designed to perfectly fit your family's requirements or the needs of your business.
    Highest quality systems and equipment - we only use the best quality, industry-approved equipment to provide protection that last and look good.
    Police and Insurance recognition - our work is guaranteed to be of the highest standard, both Police and Insurance companies acknowledge this.
    Regular and reliable monitoring and maintenance - ensure your Fire and/or Security protection is working in your time of need AND someone is always watching over your home or business!

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      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

      Accreditations and Memberships

      Domestic and commercial clients trust Blake's dedication to accreditation. We always meet or exceed the latest quality standards.
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