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5 Top Burglar Deterrent Tips For Your Home!

Date: 23 May 2022

Unfortunately, there isn't a burglar deterrent spray on the market.

This means that it is up to you to ensure that your home is less appealing to criminals.

Here are our top 5 burglar deterrents to help you secure your home!

Top 5 burglar deterrent countdown

1. Close the curtains and blinds

It's astonishing how many homeowners leave for work in the morning without closing the curtains and blinds in their house. By doing so, they're inviting burglars to window shop.


By closing the blinds, you are creating a barrier and a problem for a burglar.

He won't know if there's anything worth stealing inside or if there's anybody home, so he'll move on.

2. Leave valuables out of sight

Some of you may have a front door with glass panels or small stained glass windows that don't have custom made curtains or blinds to fit.

If that's the case, and you can't find anything to cover the window, you should leave all valuables out of sight.

Similar to the first point, leaving your valuables in plain sight is like leaving a plate of chocolate digestives in front of your friend who's always on a diet.

There's only so long until they cave in.

It is also a good idea to leave valuables, especially car keys, away from the front door. Some burglars even carry hooking devices to snatch your keys without having to break and enter!

3. Lock your doors, windows and car

Surprisingly, some homeowners won't lock their doors and windows at night if the 'man of the house' is in.

These poor souls think that if someone was to break in, their husband or boyfriend will surely rush down stairs and scare the burglar away.

Apart from being sexist, some of my female friends can be far scarier than the male, what if the burglar is so stealthy that he doesn't make a sound?

Then you have just allowed a stranger to walk into your family home from the streets, ransack your belongings and leave undetected.

Is it really worth putting your family in danger for the few extra seconds it takes to turn a key?

Always lock your windows and doors.

It's also important to keep your car locked too. If you don't, it gives a good indication to a burglar that your home will be an easy target.

4. Keep a watchful eye on your home with a CCTV system

Home cctv burglar deterrent

An overt CCTV system, the opposite of a covert hidden surveillance CCTV system, is an extremely effective burglar deterrent.

Why? Because no criminal wants to be caught in the act.

If the neighbourhood burglar sees a CCTV camera outside your home, he will run a mile. Or rather, just not into your home.

We're not talking about the fake ones or the £50 DIY kits you can buy from the shops!

Smart burglars can tell the difference between an amateur and professional installation.

5. Safeguard your home with a burglar alarm

Home burglar alarms and CCTV systems work hand in hand to wipe your family home off any burglar's radar.

If the CCTV camera wasn't enough to scare him, he is now faced with a professionally installed burglar alarm system that may even be monitored and receive Police response...

Did you know that there are zonal alarms that allow you to activate the sensors on individual storeys or in specific rooms at your home?

For example, when you retire to bed, you can protect the ground floor but not the first floor rooms to avoid the alarm being set off by nocturnal bathroom visits. Handy, eh!

Together we can beat the burglars!

Could your home be on a burglar's hit list - find out in 4 mins!

The experts at Blake's created a quiz that lets you find out your "Home Security Score". Anything below 80 means your home is in the danger zone!

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