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    31 May 2018
    Visit Us At Discovering Business In Essex - 6th June!

    Blake's will be exhibiting at the Discovering Business in Essex event run by Essex Chambers of Commerce next Wednesday, 6th June.
    The county's biggest B2B exhibition is running from 10am - 3pm at Chelmsford City Racecourse.
    Come along and say hello, we'll be on stands 94+95!Click here to see the floor plan.

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    25 May 2018
    The UK's Burglary Hotspots & How To Stay OFF Next Year's Report!

    We go through life being told "it's never too late".
    It's never too late to learn how to draw, pick up a new language or buy that caravan you've always secretly wanted for family holidays.
    But there is one thing that can be left too late and, if it is, the consequences can be devastating. That is home security!Sadly, all too often, families only take action to safeguard their home AFTER they have been burgled - when the damage has been done.We hope the findings in this year's Burglary Hotspot Report will open your eyes and stop you from being included in next year's statistics!

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    26 April 2018
    Blake's Behind The Scenes - Security Superheroes & The Paris Marathon

    Our MD, Ian Blake, ran the Paris Marathon earlier this month. See him pictured below with son Simon, who is head of the Emergency Lighting departmentat Blake Fire & Security Systems.

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    9 April 2018
    Chalvedon Community Centre - Door Intercom System Testimonial 

    We love receiving testimonials and feedback from our customers, especially when they're as nice as this:

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    14 March 2018
    School Security and the Spectre of Ofsted Special Measures - 3 things you NEED to Know

    A few years ago, Ofsted put a Cumbrian school into Special Measures for nothing more than unsatisfactory perimeter fencing.
    With that in mind, it's worth taking another look at your school security...
    However, before panic sets in, read on! It will stop you from having to trawl through the endless Ofsted related documents

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    19 January 2018
    Are You Breaking Any Laws With The Covert Cameras In Your Home?

    Although the installation of home CCTV itself doesn't fall under the jurisdiction of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) you may still have cause for concern.
    If the installation has been carried out incorrectly, or is being used for a purpose other than for which it was designed, then you may find yourself in hot water..

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    27 December 2017
    Burglary Prevention Tips for New Year's Eve!

    New Year's Eve is one of the most active nights of the year - and we're not talking about the nightlife! According to Aviva Insurance, your home is 24% more likely to be burgled on New Year's Eve!
    Don't leave your home security to chance, instead use the following burglary prevention tips to protect your house and contents.

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    8 December 2017
    Fire Safety Legislation Is Biting Back - Is Your Business In The Clear?

    Fire safety and building regulations are in the news now more than ever following the appalling events over the summer.
    As a result, the Government are making much needed updates to the fire safety legislation - but, while you wait for the changes to be announced, what can you do to make your business safer?

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    6 October 2017
    Emergency Lighting Signage - Read Before Buying To Avoid Legal Trouble

    To the average business owner, installing Emergency Lighting signage to comply with the law may seem like a walk in the park. Businesses think they are covered by employing a simple 4 step process such as:

    a quick Google search
    finding the best priced signs
    adding them to the basket and checking out
    sticking them up when they arrive

    Easy peasy, right?
    Think again. It's easy for busy business ownerson a budget to get led astray when attempting DIY fire safety solutions.
    In an emergency, people could get injured or worse if your DIY system doesn't comply with current regulations.This leaves you vulnerable to unlimited fines or a prison sentence...
    If you stumbled across this article during step 1,the quick Google search, we urge you to read on. The following information could save you a great deal of legal trouble and avoid wasted money on cheap products.

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