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    17 March 2022
    Why Police Recommend NSI And SSAIB Companies

    Police forces cannot endorse specific companies for fitting your home security system - that wouldn't be fair. However, what they can do is recommend things to look for that ensure your security installer is competent. So, they do encourage you to: 'Talk to your local Crime Reduction Officer, insurance company and specialists about which sort […]

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    22 September 2021
    Burglar Alarm Installation - Avoiding the Cowboys

    Your burglar alarm installation should always be carried out by a suitably qualified security company. If not, you could be playing with fire!
    Read on to discover:

    The problems you will face by choosing the wrong installer
    How to choose a reputable one

    The full horror of choosing the wrong installer is highlighted in the Fake Britain video in this post...

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    20 November 2019
    5 Benefits of Access Control for Your Business

    Once upon a time, a big bunch of keys was a sign of authority in the workplace! The more metal a person carried, the more doors they were allowed to unlock.
    But busy, important people don't waste time searching for the right key anymore...

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    7 November 2019
    More Officers Means Improved Police Response to Alarms in Essex

    More Bobbies on the beat is what we've all been waiting for - and now we have it! Here's what this actually means for Essex residents...

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    28 June 2019
    Overheard At Blake's HQ... Time and Money Saved, Safety in Schools Improved!

    Everyone at Blake's HQ is keen to go the extra mile when a valued customer asks for help. On two recent occasions we managed to save both time and moneyfor two of our school clients. And improved the safety for pupils and staff, simultaneously!
    Blake's truly are:

    Big enough to cope, small enough to care!

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    14 June 2019
    Checking SSAIB Members - Is Your Security Company Accredited?

    Valid membership of SSAIB tells you that your security company is qualified to design, install and maintain your home burglar alarm.
    Essex Police recommend using a company with SSAIB (or NSI) approval because these companies are tested for exceptional standards every year. They're a safe bet.
    However, it's critical that you check the credentials of the company you intend to use for the installation of your home alarm system.
    If you don't, you're relying on their word. Anyone can get a website built with all kinds of information and badges on it, but how do you know if they are telling the truth?
    If the company saythey are accredited by SSAIB you will need to check that they really are. Read on for simple step by step instructions on how to quickly find out if the installer in question is truly accredited.

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    16 May 2019
    Blake's Install Touch Screen Tech For Southend School Fire Safety

    Blake's are proud to have safeguarded over 200 schools in the South East. We are passionate about keeping young people safe! That's why we were thrilled when a local Southend-on-Sea high school contacted us again to address their fire safety concerns after a new block of classrooms was built...

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    9 April 2019
    Using Rhyme to Combat Crime in Essex!

    Do you have a favourite poet? We have a new one. It's whoever came up with this short but sweet ditty at Essex Police!

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    12 February 2019
    How To Get Police Response From Your Monitored Alarm System

    If someone breaks in while you're not home, you want reassurance that the Police are on their way, ASAP.

    Here's how to get it!

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