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    28 June 2022
    The Importance Of Accredited Security In Schools

    Accreditations and qualifications matter! For teachers, the main one is their QTS. For security systems installers, these are NSI, BAFE, CHAS and SSAIB.

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    16 May 2022
    Balancing Your School's Budget & Fire Safety Needs

    A common problem with school fire safety is convincing the board to invest! It is not cheap... but it is also not an option you can ignore.

    Here's what you need to know...

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    7 April 2022
    Is Your School Security Installer Properly Accredited?

    The school security buck stops with the Responsible Person in schools across Essex and the entire country.
    The pressures of dwindling budgets and a lack of support/understanding can result in unsuspecting schools taking the wrong advice or none at all!
    This pressure for choosing new tablets over improved safety and security measures is amplified when trying to boost Target Tracker databefore an Ofsted visit!
    But there's one sure fire way of ensuring you're getting the best security system possible for your School, installed to the highest standards and fully compliant with legislation.

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    27 January 2022
    Why The Wrong School Fire Safety System Installer Could Spell Disaster

    With the growth in the number of academy schools controlling their own budgets, responsibility for fire safety has shifted well and truly onto the head teachers' shoulders. Here's what you need to know!

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    25 November 2021
    Why Fire Extinguisher Servicing Makes The World A Better Place

    In this post we're looking specifically at fire extinguisher servicing and how it's making the world a better place.
    A bold statement, we know. But it's true, and here's why...

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    11 November 2021
    Wethersfield C of E Primary School: Fire Extinguishers, Lights & Alarms Testimonial

    We love receiving testimonials and feedback from our customers, especially when they're as glowing as this one from Wethersfield C of E Primary School, near Braintree, Essex.

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    28 October 2021
    Access Control & Fire Safety In Schools - Safeguard Pupils & Staff

    Access control systems are great for allowing only the right people in and out. But how does that work when the fire alarm goes off? Will panicked teachers be frantically trying to remember codes? Here's a better way!

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    14 October 2021
    Improve Your School Fire Safety With These 5 Simple Precautions!

    Fire safety systems ensure that your staff, visitors and students can safely evacuate the school in the event of a fire. But what precautions are you taking to prevent a fire in the first place?
    Here are 5 school fire safety tips you should revise to minimise risk!

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    28 September 2021
    Doing 'The Sums' For School Fire Safety Risk Assessments

    Recently, a Responsible Person at a school contacted Blake's in regards to a Fire Risk Assessment. Officials asked them to confirm they'd done their 5 year fire survey...

    Cue panic stations!!!

    Find out how to subtract the worry, add knowledge and achieve school fire safety success!

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