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    19 August 2021
    A Cautionary Tale About The Fire Alarm Service That Didn't Go To Plan

    Having a regular Fire Alarm service is critical for complying with the Fire Safety Order (FSO) and meeting your legal obligations as the Responsible Person.
    Besides the risk of imprisonment and fines, the more serious repercussions of a fire alarm that doesn't work properly can be death or injury for your staff or visitors. Because of this, the majority of business owners are happy to get their system serviced regularly - as required by the FSO.
    Sadly, sometimes even the most diligent businesses can be put at risk if they choose to use an unaccredited contractor to do their maintenance.
    It's a problem that can often remain hidden until revealed by a professional service... or when the worst happens. Read the following story carefully - it could be you.

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    11 August 2021
    Collingwood Primary School Fire Alarm Testimonial

    We love receiving testimonials and feedback from our customers and this one made our MD very proud!

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    14 July 2021
    Blake's And Eastwood Primary School

    In 2015 we installed the automated gates seen in the image below for Eastwood school.
    It wasn't a straightforward project, there were a number of unforseen issues. Despite this, our experienced engineers, Matt and Ben, left a delighted headteacher with a safe, expertly installed, automated gate system.

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    4 March 2020
    Does Your Essex School Need a Lockdown System?

    School security is evolving with the increased threats that present themselves. The latest in School Emergency Management Planning are Lockdown Systems...
    Find out:

    What is a Lockdown system?
    How does it work?
    Does my Essex school need one?

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    7 February 2020
    Access Control & Fire Safety In Schools - Safeguard Pupils & Staff

    Access control systems are great,they keep schools safe by allowing only the right people in and out of the building. So how does that work when the fire alarm goes off? Will panicked teachers be frantically trying to remember access codes to unlock doors? Are your fire doors left unlocked during school hours - potentially resulting in a run away child?

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    20 November 2019
    5 Benefits of Access Control for Your Business

    Once upon a time, a big bunch of keys was a sign of authority in the workplace! The more metal a person carried, the more doors they were allowed to unlock.
    But busy, important people don't waste time searching for the right key anymore...

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    27 August 2019
    Does Your School Comply With Ofsted And HSE Safety Regulations?

    Ofsted grades are importantbut, whether you're happy with a Goodrating or want to reach for the stars and get Outstanding, could your School's security be letting you down?
    Ofsted And HSE Safety Security
    Although Ofsted is not a security/HSE regulation authority and there is no set criteria for evaluating health and safety, it plays a large part in your School's inspection. 2016 guidance given to Ofsted inspectors makes numerous references to the safeguarding and security of pupils, staff and visitors.

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    28 June 2019
    Overheard At Blake's HQ... Time and Money Saved, Safety in Schools Improved!

    Everyone at Blake's HQ is keen to go the extra mile when a valued customer asks for help. On two recent occasions we managed to save both time and moneyfor two of our school clients. And improved the safety for pupils and staff, simultaneously!
    Blake's truly are:

    Big enough to cope, small enough to care!

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    26 June 2019
    Your School's Duty Of Care, Emergency Lighting And Hours of Darkness

    The Hours of Darkness myth is a dangerous one. The truth is that 99.9% of schools require emergency lighting to fulfil their duty of care. If you don't think yours is one of them you need to read this post!

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