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    10 January 2022
    Bogus Callers, Home Security and Petra Kvitova

    A distraction burglary can involve one, two or multiple thieves. Be warned, unscrupulous criminals can appear very plausible with their stories, so this type of crime can happen to anyone. Tennis star, Petra Kvitova, became a famous victim back in December 2016.

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    4 January 2022
    5 Home Security Tips For a Happy New Year!

    New Year is a time of making improvements and home security should be top of the list. As we all try to set new habits in place, remember old habits die hard for burglars! January can be a tough month so we've got 5 home security tips to make it easier to have a happy New Year...

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    22 December 2021
    How To Jingle Our Bells This Christmas!

    It's Christmas! The office team are having a well earned break from the 24th Dec to 3rd Jan but we've always got you covered! Here's your emergency contacts...

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    17 November 2021
    Wired or Wireless Burglar Alarms Comparison - Your Questions Answered

    When considering a new alarm system for your home or commercial premises you will want to weigh up the pros and cons of a wired system against those for wireless burglar alarms. You are not alone...

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    4 November 2021
    Remember, Remember... 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Fireworks Night!

    What we call Bonfire Night, criminals call a bonus. What can you do to keep your home safe and secure while you enjoy time with your little sparklers? Here are 5 quick tips!

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    20 October 2021
    Halloween Home Security: Tips to Keep Your Home and Your Little Monsters Safe

    Blake's recommend you prepare for Halloween early this year by taking the right precautions, so your night doesn't go from"Boo!"to"Boohoo!."

    Our experts offer five tips to help you keep your children and your home safe during Halloween.

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    7 October 2021
    Do Burglars Come Back? Can You Stop Them?

    Do burglars come back to the same house twice?

    The stats say yes!

    Here's why robbers can return... and what you can do about it.

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    30 September 2021
    The Cost of a Home Alarm System - It's Complicated!

    Purchasing a house alarm system is an important investment in protecting your family home.
    However, there are a number of elements that affect the cost of a home alarm system. Let's get a better idea of how much a bespoke system will cost you.

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    24 August 2021
    Burglary In Basildon - Is Your Home In The Danger Zone?

    MoneySupermarket ranked 2,195 post codes in order of how likely they are to put in a claim for burglary on their home insurance. How safe is your home? Take a look at the specific Basildon postcodes here...

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