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    24 August 2021
    Burglary In Basildon - Is Your Home In The Danger Zone?

    MoneySupermarket ranked 2,195 post codes in order of how likely they are to put in a claim for burglary on their home insurance. How safe is your home? Take a look at the specific Basildon postcodes here...

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    17 August 2021
    How to Prevent Burglary This Summer - Advice From The Professionals

    It's the school holidays! This weekend you might be planning to rush down to the beach and get the best spot on the sand but... will you be forgetting something? Your home security...
    Some burglars will have been waiting patiently until everyone is out enjoying the break, an empty home that has been left in a rush is the perfect target!
    Perhaps you will forget to lock the back door or maybe you'll leave a window open to let in a cool breeze for your return...

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    5 August 2021
    How Likely Are You To Be Burgled In Southend?

    According to Money Supermarket stats, you have almost a 1 in 50 chance of being burgled if you live in Southend. Money Supermarket ranked 2,195 post codes in order of how likely they are to put in a claim for burglary on their home insurance. Take a look at the specific Southend post codes below:

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    4 August 2021
    Beef Up Your Garden Security - Be Safe Not Sorry This Summer

    Finding home security tips online is easy - but garden security isn't such a hot topic. More people are worried about locking their front doors and windows to stop burglars from entering the house, but what about the power tools and expensive equipment in the shed?
    While you're at the beach enjoying ice lollies with the kids, there could be a predator plotting to target your poorly protected garden.
    You never know... and that's why you should follow this advice from Essex Police:

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    3 July 2021
    Explained: The 6 Most Common Types of Home Alarm System

    There are a variety of different home alarms available today. From the cheap DIY alarms to fully programmable smart alarms you can operate from your phone.
    To help choose the best installation for you, here's a simple but comprehensive overview of how the different types stack up.

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    1 July 2021
    Blake's Top 7 Home And Garden Security Tips

    No matter how secure you think your family home is, there's always room for improvement.Beating the burglars becomes harder every year as they become smarter and adapt their methods.
    Blake's have compiled the best home and garden security tips from a few of our blog posts. Check them out below!

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    25 March 2020
    Coronavirus Distraction Burglary and Scam Warning from Police

    Police in Havering have warned of criminals using the Coronavirus scare to trick their way into the homes of elderly and vulnerable people.
    Here's what to watch out for...

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    11 March 2020
    Here's Why Burglary Victims Are At Risk Of Being Burgled Again

    We explained in our earlier post that burglars will come back to the same house - and their motives for doing so.But a recent report suggests that homeowners aren't learning their lesson after the first break in, and could actually be encouraging the burglars to return! Let's take a look:

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    6 March 2020
    VIDEO: The Film Every Havering Resident NEEDS to Watch!

    This short video applies to every Essex resident but especially those in Havering, where it was filmed. Watch this callous burglar as he walks local streets and shows how your home could be his next target!

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