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    16 May 2019
    Blake's Install Touch Screen Tech For Southend School Fire Safety

    Blake's are proud to have safeguarded over 200 schools in the South East. We are passionate about keeping young people safe! That's why we were thrilled when a local Southend-on-Sea high school contacted us again to address their fire safety concerns after a new block of classrooms was built...

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    25 April 2019
    On Guard in Ongar! Blake's Improve Security and Safeguard Another Local School

    Ever had a little problem that was causing a major headache? Here's how we solved one of them to improve safeguarding and school security in Ongar, Essex...

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    23 April 2019
    Fire Safety Failures in 57% of Care Homes! Are You In The Clear?

    A report from the London Fire Brigade showed a shocking 57%of audited care homes had fire safety breaches. That'smore than1 in 2homes issued with formal notifications! How would your home fare if you were audited today? Read on to discover if you are in the clear...

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    2 April 2019
    The Real Cost Of 'a Penny Saved' in School Fire Safety

    Sometimes, a penny saved isn'ta penny earned. And for fire safety in schools, it can be a hard lesson learned! Let's look at:

    The realcost of cheap fire alarm systems; and
    The consequences the Responsible Person could face...

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    28 March 2019
    What Does Our Dedication to Accreditation Mean For You?

    Blake's have long held a dedication to accreditation. If you look at the bottom of ourhome page you'll see our trophy cabinet. It's the collection of badges and logos we're allowed to display.
    These are things we in the security industry work hard for. But yousee this kind of thing everywhere. Vans, shop windows and websites carry all kinds of stickers and banners. So how is anyone meant to know what they mean? Or, more to the point, what they're worth!

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    17 January 2019
    SPDNS Nurse Care Testimonial

    We love receiving testimonials and feedback from our customers, especially when they're as nice as this:

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    15 January 2019
    Automatic Release Fire Doors For Shared & Commercial Buildings

    Can you guarantee the fire doors you're responsible for aren't propped open without your knowledge?

    Here's how you can stop that niggle by combining convenience with safety!

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    15 November 2018
    Warning! Beware Fake Fire Blankets Online

    The BBC's Fake Britainfeatured the purchase of fake fire blankets. The Fire Service are called out to 20,000 kitchen fires each year. Two-thirds of those are in domestic homes.
    Alarming stats like "cooking fires resulted in 30 deaths and 3,000 injuries" have led many homeowners to look for protective equipment like fire blankets or fire extinguishersonline.

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    9 October 2018
    "Look. Listen. Learn." - Fire Prevention Week 2018

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)organise Fire Prevention Week in the US & Canada to promote safe fire prevention practices. The NFPA aims to promote awareness of fire safety during the event held in October every year.
    To help out our friends across the pond, Blake's have compiled 9 fire-safety tips for home and business owners alike.

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