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    28 June 2022
    3 Ways Your Fire Detection And Warning System Could Land You In Jail

    Obviously, it’s critical to have a fire detection and warning systemin place so staff know when to evacuate as soon as possible in case of emergency.
    The exact requirements depend on the type of building and the type of work undertaken in the premises.
    And it's the Responsible Person’s role to get this sorted - with the possibility of fines, job loss and jail sentences if the system is not up to scratch.

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    13 June 2022
    Fire Doors - A Powerful Film By BWF From 2018

    Most people don't give fire doors a second thought, until we need them. We walk past them and through them at work, in pubs and clubs, forgetting that they save lives. That is, if they are properly installed... In 2018, the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) commissioned five powerful films to raise awareness about Fire Doors.

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    16 May 2022
    Balancing Your School's Budget & Fire Safety Needs

    A common problem with school fire safety is convincing the board to invest! It is not cheap... but it is also not an option you can ignore.

    Here's what you need to know...

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    28 April 2022
    Fire Safety For Businesses In A Nutshell - FIA Video

    Getting to grips with fire safety for your business often involves wading through pain-staking 100+ page government documents. The vague language is confusing and open to interpretation...
    Of course, you could ignore it all and hope for the best. But that's a bit risky...
    Thankfully, the Fire Industry Association (FIA)have put together a video that outlines what EVERY business owner and Responsible Person needs to know and adhere to...
    ...If you want to understand fire safety for business in a nutshell AND avoid the punishment if the worst happens, watch the video below:

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    14 February 2022
    Maintaining Fire Extinguishers - The Consequences Of Neglect

    Provided it is regularly serviced and maintained, a Fire Extinguisher should last for more than 10 years. However, components like seals deteriorate over time and need replacing as part of your maintenance, while the discharge test is required after 5 years.
    Unfortunately, it's not unknown for us to be contacted by sites where the legal maintenance schedule hasn't been followed. Read the following cautionary tale and learn the penalty for neglecting Fire Extinguisher maintenance, so you don't fall foul of the Fire Safety Inspector!

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    31 January 2022
    Will Ofsted's Security Scrutiny Affect Your Fire Risk Assessment?

    As the Responsible Person in a school or educational premises, you may have heard of some recent stories highlighting Ofsted's scrutiny of school security during inspections.
    Two Cumbrian schools have been placed into special measuresby Ofsted after fears that their unsecured grounds pose a safety risk to pupils.
    So, how could these stricter safeguarding guidelines affect your Ofsted rating and what can you do to help after your Fire Risk Assessment?

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    8 December 2021
    Christmas Fire Safety Tips To Prevent a 30 Second Disaster!

    Ah Christmas! A magical and DANGEROUS time of year!

    As the decs go up, Blake Fire and Security Systems want to make sure you can enjoy a happy and safe Christmas, so here's a warning about your Christmas tree that could save your family from disaster...

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    25 November 2021
    Why Fire Extinguisher Servicing Makes The World A Better Place

    In this post we're looking specifically at fire extinguisher servicing and how it's making the world a better place.
    A bold statement, we know. But it's true, and here's why...

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    14 October 2021
    Improve Your School Fire Safety With These 5 Simple Precautions!

    Fire safety systems ensure that your staff, visitors and students can safely evacuate the school in the event of a fire. But what precautions are you taking to prevent a fire in the first place?
    Here are 5 school fire safety tips you should revise to minimise risk!

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