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    8 December 2021
    Christmas Fire Safety Tips To Prevent a 30 Second Disaster!

    Ah Christmas! A magical and DANGEROUS time of year!

    As the decs go up, Blake Fire and Security Systems want to make sure you can enjoy a happy and safe Christmas, so here's a warning about your Christmas tree that could save your family from disaster...

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    25 November 2021
    Why Fire Extinguisher Servicing Makes The World A Better Place

    In this post we're looking specifically at fire extinguisher servicing and how it's making the world a better place.
    A bold statement, we know. But it's true, and here's why...

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    14 October 2021
    Improve Your School Fire Safety With These 5 Simple Precautions!

    Fire safety systems ensure that your staff, visitors and students can safely evacuate the school in the event of a fire. But what precautions are you taking to prevent a fire in the first place?
    Here are 5 school fire safety tips you should revise to minimise risk!

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    28 September 2021
    Doing 'The Sums' For School Fire Safety Risk Assessments

    Recently, a Responsible Person at a school contacted Blake's in regards to a Fire Risk Assessment. Officials asked them to confirm they'd done their 5 year fire survey...

    Cue panic stations!!!

    Find out how to subtract the worry, add knowledge and achieve school fire safety success!

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    16 September 2021
    BANG! Don't Neglect Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

    Can you imagine the havoc in your workplace if one of your Extinguishers spontaneously combusted? It sounds unlikely, but neglecting Fire Extinguisher maintenance can actually turn your fire safety equipment into a danger...
    Just watch the following video!

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    8 September 2021
    Your Follow-Up Fire Risk Assessment Template - How To Deal With Risks

    There's an endless stream of information on how to complete your Fire Risk Assessment. But not so much about following up on the risks the assessment reveals. Doing the risk assessment is only half the job and what comes next is arguably more important.

    So, we've put together a follow-up Fire Risk Assessment template so you can easily identify the next steps to take.

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    2 September 2021
    Fire Risk Assessments The RIGHT Way Not The EASY Way

    As the Responsible Person for a school or commercial business, you may think you already know everything there is to know about Fire Risk Assessments. On the other hand, you may be completely overwhelmed!

    Here are the basic steps you need to follow to comply with the law...

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    26 August 2021
    This Is Why Fire Alarm Design Should Be Left To The Professionals

    It can be very tempting to accept the cheaper quote for a Fire Alarm System, especially from a trusted Electrical Contractor.

    However, paying less to get an electrician to install a Fire Alarm System could be more hassle than you know, as this company discovered to their cost!

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    6 February 2020
    What Are Life Safety Systems? Do I Need Them In My Business Premises?

    If you're a business owner or Responsible Person you NEED to know about Life Safety Systems! We cut through the jargon and bring you the facts...

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