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    19 August 2021
    A Cautionary Tale About The Fire Alarm Service That Didn't Go To Plan

    Having a regular Fire Alarm service is critical for complying with the Fire Safety Order (FSO) and meeting your legal obligations as the Responsible Person.
    Besides the risk of imprisonment and fines, the more serious repercussions of a fire alarm that doesn't work properly can be death or injury for your staff or visitors. Because of this, the majority of business owners are happy to get their system serviced regularly - as required by the FSO.
    Sadly, sometimes even the most diligent businesses can be put at risk if they choose to use an unaccredited contractor to do their maintenance.
    It's a problem that can often remain hidden until revealed by a professional service... or when the worst happens. Read the following story carefully - it could be you.

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    11 August 2021
    Collingwood Primary School Fire Alarm Testimonial

    We love receiving testimonials and feedback from our customers and this one made our MD very proud!

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    6 February 2020
    What Are Life Safety Systems? Do I Need Them In My Business Premises?

    If you're a business owner or Responsible Person you NEED to know about Life Safety Systems! We cut through the jargon and bring you the facts...

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    9 August 2019
    What To Look For In Your Fire Risk Assessor

    By law, every business must name a Responsible Person (RP) to carry out a fire risk assessment. In theory business owners could do the assessment and regular inspections themselves. But how do you know where to start on such an important task? Do you know what you need to keep safe and compliant? What happens if you get it wrong?

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    20 June 2019
    How To Answer Questions Being Asked About School Fire Alarms

    Questions are being asked about school fire alarms every day. And we don't mean by people making appointments with the Head! Here's what people are asking Google... and how your school can answer!

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    18 June 2019
    Does My Business Require An Addressable Fire Alarm System By Law?

    There are countless online articles that teach you what an Addressable Fire Alarm System is - such as this handy post from Fire Magazine- but it's not as easy to work out whether you are required by law to have one of these hi-tech systems.
    Unfortunately, the answer isn't black and white, it all depends on the size of your premises and the results of your Fire Risk Assessment. But that's not all...

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    28 February 2019
    Hands Up! Who Wants Easy School Building Maintenance?

    School holidays are the perfect time for building works, maintenance and repairs.
    But does this headache sound familiar?

    Multiple suppliers
    Different lead times
    Several points of contact

    Ugh! A project management nightmare no one should have to suffer!!!
    Find out how a One Stop Shop will solve your problems...

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    8 November 2018
    3 Ways Your Fire Detection And Warning System Could Land You In Jail

    Obviously, it’s critical to have a fire detection and warning systemin place so staff know when to evacuate as soon as possible in case of emergency.
    The exact requirements depend on the type of building and the type of work undertaken in the premises.
    And it's the Responsible Person’s role to get this sorted - with the possibility of fines, job loss and jail sentences if the system is not up to scratch.

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    4 October 2018
    Essex Chambers of Commerce & The Community Tackle Business Crime!

    A new board has been set up to tackle crime against businesses in Essex. Business owners and the police have joined forces to fight back against theft, criminal damage and arson that cost local firms £17mlast year...

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