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    16 March 2018
    How Expert CCTV Installers Save Your Business Money

    Small security changescan easily improve the security of your home or business by deterring burglars. But nothing beats the reassurance of a high quality CCTV system...that is if it has been installed by a properly accredited professional!
    Find out how an NSI Goldor SSAIB installer can save your business money and offer you peace of mind.

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    15 March 2018
    Does My Business Need Specialised Commercial Surveillance Cameras?

    Commercial surveillance camerassecure and defend your business from burglars. However, a standard system won't work for everyone! To get the most from your CCTV system, you may need 'special requirements' to suit your security goals.

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    2 March 2018
    How To Plan A CCTV System For Your Business

    Planning your own Commercial CCTV system is a tricky thing to do if you're not an expert.
    That's why we've put together this guide - to help you make the right decision for your business.So, first you have to ask yourself, 'What do I need my CCTV system to do?'

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    22 February 2018
    Why Commercial CCTV Kits Belong On The Shelf & NOT In Your Business

    Repeat after us:
    “I solemnly swear not to buy an inexpensive commercial CCTV kit online and attempt to install it myself.”
    If you take one thing away from this blog post, let it be this: If you think hiring a professional is expensive... try using an amateur.
    Here's why you should think again!

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    19 January 2018
    Are You Breaking Any Laws With The Covert Cameras In Your Home?

    Although the installation of home CCTV itself doesn't fall under the jurisdiction of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) you may still have cause for concern.
    If the installation has been carried out incorrectly, or is being used for a purpose other than for which it was designed, then you may find yourself in hot water..

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    21 February 2017
    Blake Fire & Security Systems Install CCTV In Balmoral Estate Tower Blocks, Westcliff

    In one of our latest projects, we've been installing a commercial CCTV systemin three Balmoral Estate Tower Blocks in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. The Estate was infamous last year for the tragic loss of a pregnant woman, killed in a fire which started on the 9th floor of Grampian Flats.

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    1 February 2017
    Going On Holiday? Use These Home Security Tips Before You Go Skiing

    It's that time of year! To escape the cold, grey Essex fog, Southenders have been heading off on their skiing holidays, to zoom down mountains, drink wine and have a great time in the snow.

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    12 December 2016
    Covert Surveillance Cameras - Everything Businesses Need To Know

    Are you a concerned business owner that suspects criminal activity in the workplace?
    Whether it's the new employee stealing from the cash register or the customer service adviser being verbally abusive to the customers, covert surveillance cameras may be able to pick up on evidence that your standard CCTV system cannot.

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