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    23 October 2018
    Remember, Remember... 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Fireworks Night!

    Remember, remember the 5th of November. Guy Fawkes and his crew were caught trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Their failure to kill King James The First was celebrated with public bonfires. These days we add fireworks and food to the party!
    What we call Bonfire Night, criminals call a bonus. The nights are drawing in. More time for them to lurk in the darkness! Organised firework displays are the safest way to enjoy the night. Robbers know that a lot of couples and families will be there - and when. All those empty houses are easy targets for a man with a plot!
    What can you do to keep your home safe and secure while you enjoy time with your little sparklers? Read our 5 Firework Night Home Security tips so your evening doesn't go BANGfor the wrong reasons!

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    16 October 2018
    Ghouls on Film - Commercial CCTV For a Scare-Free Halloween

    Halloween isn't just about cute kids in white sheets knocking for sweeties. The local hoodies and trouble makers are also out in force. Sadly these are more likely to cause damage or break in and rob your premises!

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    11 October 2018
    Commercial CCTV Legislation - What You Need To Know!

    Following our last post about commercial CCTV systems preventing crime in Essex, we've put together this guide to help business owners understand:

    The basics surrounding CCTV and Data Protection laws
    The dos & don'ts
    The consequences of breaking CCTV legislation
    What you need to share with your staff and visitors

    Installing CCTVaround your premises is a different ball game to home surveillance cameras! To avoid frustration and legal issues, absorb the following info...Is yourbusiness in the clear?

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    4 October 2018
    Essex Chambers of Commerce & The Community Tackle Business Crime!

    A new board has been set up to tackle crime against businesses in Essex. Business owners and the police have joined forces to fight back against theft, criminal damage and arson that cost local firms £17mlast year...

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    6 September 2018
    Checking NSI Accreditation Is Critically Important

    Valid NSI accreditation indicates that your security company is qualified to design, install and maintain your home burglar alarm. While a smooth talking salesman can promise the world, without this accreditation from the National Security Inspectorate, he may not be as trustworthy as he seems.
    It's critical that you check the credentials of the people you're considering to install your alarm system, so you can be sure:

    the security company is established and trustworthy
    the work they do is of a high quality
    your home is protected
    your insurance company are satisfied
    false alarms are kept to a bare minimum

    If NSI accreditation (or SSAIB) is not in place, how can you be sure that the work they do will be up to scratch?
    But even if the company saythey are accredited by NSI you will need to check. It's easy! Read on for simple step by step instructions.

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    24 August 2018
    5 Top Burglar Deterrent Tips For Your Home!

    Unfortunately, there isn't a burglar deterrent spray on the market. Perhaps if there was, we'd be contacted by significantly fewer families who have suffered a break-in.
    This means that it is up to you to ensure that your home is less appealing to criminals and greatly reduce your risk of a burglary.
    With that said, here are our top 5 burglar deterrents to help you secure your home.

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    12 July 2018
    Businesses Burgled in Leigh-on-Sea... How Commercial CCTV Saves The Day!

    Your business is your baby, but how far do you need to go to make sure it is safe at night? Do you need to give up the warmth of your bed and set up a burglar night watch in your premises?
    One business owner did...

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    5 April 2018
    CCTV for Business - How the Professionals Tackle the Job!

    Southend's favourite amusement park, Adventure Island, was in need of a new and improved CCTV system. Their old system was outdated and wasn't capturing high definition footage which is essential for facial recognition in the event of a crime.

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    23 March 2018
    Getting The Best Deal On A CCTV System For Your Business

    It’s one thing to invest in a security system for your business, and another to keep it in good working order so it doesn’t fail when you need it most.
    Our CCTV expert reveals the 2 best ways to get the biggest bang for your buckon your commercial CCTV system...

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