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    22 August 2019
    4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Business Security And Boost Your Bottom Line

    If you own or manage a business, good security is your best friend. Staff and stock need to be kept safe and secure so that work gets done and everything ticks over. Here are 4 easy ways to improve security and boost your bottom line!

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    16 July 2019
    Why A Professional CCTV Installation Is So Important

    CCTV - installed by a professional, loved by homeowners and feared by the bad guys! At least, that's the way it shouldbe.
    Yet many homeowners opt for a DIY CCTV system, which is good news for the criminals! They know that poorly installed security cameras are less likely to work properly, so they have less chance of being caught...

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    2 May 2019
    Eye Spy a Prison Sentence! CCTV in Basildon Shop Sends 3 Robbers to Jail!

    A gang ofthieves that robbed a Basildon shophave been jailed for 3 years and 9 months each. One of them got an extra 6 months for burgling a home. Here's how CCTV helped police bring them to justice!

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    16 April 2019
    Storing CCTV Footage - A Simple One Page Guide For Businesses

    Here's Blake's one page guide that outlines the two most common methods of storing CCTV footage.
    Written by the experts, in simple language, for busy business owners...

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    4 April 2019
    3 Things Businesses Can Learn From a Recent Jewellery Heist

    A London jewellers recently lost up to £1m of precious stock in a robbery. The traditional Victorian building was meant to be impossible to break into. But, according to these thieves, getting into the building next door was easy!
    They spent two daysdrilling through the wall and helping themselves to precious metals and gems. Bringing back memories of Hatton Garden?
    What went wrong with the security systems? What can we learn to protect our own livelihoods?

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    21 March 2019
    Watch Your Home CCTV Footage On The Go With Mobile & Tablet Apps!

    Home CCTV that you can watch on your mobile or tablet device! This is now one of the most desirable home security system features. Why? Because your entire home CCTV systemcan be in the palm of your hand - you don't need to get out of bed or off the sofa to know what's happening in and around your home!

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    14 March 2019
    Castle Point Borough Council - CCTV Installation Testimonial

    When Castle Point Borough Council came to us with a problematic watercourse, we thought they should have called Blake Contractors, but actually our CCTV departmentwere the right team for the job...

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    28 February 2019
    Hands Up! Who Wants Easy School Building Maintenance?

    School holidays are the perfect time for building works, maintenance and repairs.
    But does this headache sound familiar?

    Multiple suppliers
    Different lead times
    Several points of contact

    Ugh! A project management nightmare no one should have to suffer!!!
    Find out how a One Stop Shop will solve your problems...

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    21 February 2019
    Beware Boot Sale Burglar Alarms. The Real Cost of Cheap Home Security!

    We all love a bargain. But buying security equipment second hand comes with great risk.Here's why you should havesecond thoughtsabout second handhome security...

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