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    29 July 2021
    Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery Teaches Us How To Prevent Burglary

    If you haven't already heard, Kim Kardashian (TV star, model and entrepreneur) was held at gun-point and robbed in her private Parisian apartment during October this year.
    But what exactly can Kim's terrifying ordeal teach us about how to prevent burglary?
    The brutal and horrific details
    On October 2nd 2016, Kim Kardashian was staying in a luxury hotel apartment for Paris Fashion Week. At the time, her husband, rapper Kanye West, was performing at the Meadows Festival in Queens NY.

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    13 July 2021
    Convicted Burglar Speaks Out To Teach You How To Secure Your Home

    A convicted burglar is speaking out and revealing the tricks of the trade in the hope of encouraging homeowners to think carefully about security. The video below, from Essex Police, will give you some effective, but often underestimated, tips on how to secure your home.

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    25 March 2020
    Coronavirus Distraction Burglary and Scam Warning from Police

    Police in Havering have warned of criminals using the Coronavirus scare to trick their way into the homes of elderly and vulnerable people.
    Here's what to watch out for...

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    6 March 2020
    VIDEO: The Film Every Havering Resident NEEDS to Watch!

    This short video applies to every Essex resident but especially those in Havering, where it was filmed. Watch this callous burglar as he walks local streets and shows how your home could be his next target!

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    26 February 2020
    When Cheap House Alarm Systems Ruin Your Home Security

    Cheap house alarm systems come at a cost.
    There's no way around it, there's a compromise somewhere. Cheap, compromised security does not fully protect your family or home!

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    14 February 2020
    Stop That Bleeping Noise! What To Do When Your Alarm Drives You Bonkers

    Can you hear that? Beep. Beep. BEEP!
    It may not be loud but it can feel like torture. Especially when it's constant! Here's what to do when your alarm is driving you bleeping bonkers!

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    12 February 2020
    Beat the Burglars with THEIR OWN Tips!

    Psst! Want to know a secret? A recent interview with a convicted burglar reveals how he picked homes to target - and it's not what you think!

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    9 January 2020
    5 Home Security Tips For a Happy New Year!

    New Year is a time of making improvements and home security should be top of the list. As we all try to set new habits in place, remember old habits die hard for burglars! January can be a tough month so we've got 5 home security tips to make it easier to have a happy New Year...

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    23 December 2019
    How To Jingle Our Bells This Christmas!

    It's Christmas! The office team are having a well earned break from the 25th Dec to 1st Janbut we've always got you covered!

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