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    7 February 2020
    Access Control & Fire Safety In Schools - Safeguard Pupils & Staff

    Access control systems are great,they keep schools safe by allowing only the right people in and out of the building. So how does that work when the fire alarm goes off? Will panicked teachers be frantically trying to remember access codes to unlock doors? Are your fire doors left unlocked during school hours - potentially resulting in a run away child?

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    22 November 2019
    Bollards! Stop Car Thieves Driving Off Your Driveway

    After our homes, the next biggest valuable most people have is their car. Whether it's a top of the range pride and joy or an old runaround, our motors are special.

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    20 November 2019
    5 Benefits of Access Control for Your Business

    Once upon a time, a big bunch of keys was a sign of authority in the workplace! The more metal a person carried, the more doors they were allowed to unlock.
    But busy, important people don't waste time searching for the right key anymore...

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    6 November 2019
    My Dog Is Always Near Me, Who Needs a Burglar Alarm?!

    How many times have you heard someone say their faithful dog would never let anyone near them? Maybe you're even relying on your own pooch to raise the alarm if any bad guys try their luck at your house?

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    24 September 2019
    Police Award ''Secured By Design'' Accreditation to Paxton

    Blake's only work with the best equipment and have enjoyed a long partnership with Paxton. We were very happy to hear that their Net2 access control system has been accredited by Police!

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    22 August 2019
    4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Business Security And Boost Your Bottom Line

    If you own or manage a business, good security is your best friend. Staff and stock need to be kept safe and secure so that work gets done and everything ticks over. Here are 4 easy ways to improve security and boost your bottom line!

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    11 July 2019
    Door Entry Systems: Don't Be Caught Out By The Unexpected!

    It's Wimbledon! And the appearance of Petra Kvitova, the 2011 and 2014 champion, reminds us all about her horrific home invasion back in December 2016.

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    12 March 2019
    Access Control And Ofsted - How Security Could Impact Your Outstanding Rating

    Ofsted have been with us for over 25 years but inspections are still a tense time for schools. Lesson plans and regular observations keep teaching and learning on track.But there are other factors that contribute to a 'good rating'... and school security is one of them!

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    28 February 2019
    Hands Up! Who Wants Easy School Building Maintenance?

    School holidays are the perfect time for building works, maintenance and repairs.
    But does this headache sound familiar?

    Multiple suppliers
    Different lead times
    Several points of contact

    Ugh! A project management nightmare no one should have to suffer!!!
    Find out how a One Stop Shop will solve your problems...

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