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Can I Buy My Own Security Cameras And Get You To Install Them?

Date: 12 March 2020

This is a question we get asked a lot:

"Can I buy my own security cameras and get you to install them? If not, can I buy a system from you and install it myself?"

We get it, it makes sense, you want to save some of the cost of getting a new CCTV system for your home by purchasing or installing the hardware yourself. We know cost is a big consideration when choosing your home security, so we're going to answer this question as honestly as we can.So, unfortunately, we don't offer this as a service, but it's for a good reason.

The truth is:

Your cheap system may end up costing you more in the long run

If you go ahead and purchase an out of the box system, it may not have all of the hardware that you require.

As part of our free security surveys, we design a system that fits your exact needs.

Out of the box systems from your local hardware store may have too few, or even too many, components for your specific needs. This means you could be spending too much on your system or that you'll have to top it up with parts online because the hardware store doesn't sell them individually.

Can it do everything you need it to?

It's not all to do with cost either, our engineers have the experience necessary to understand which features you do and do not need.

For example, they know that in order for your CCTV to be able to show number plates at night, they need to choose one that has a filter or ANPR capabilities.

If your camera doesn't have this then you'll be looking at a very bright and indistinguishable blur - when you really need to be identifying a vehicle in the worst case scenario.

It's details like this that can make the difference between catching the criminal or not... and never seeing your possessions again.

Image quality is crucial

Commercial CCTV security systems
Commercial CCTV security systems

Blake Fire & Security Systems only offer services we’re fully qualified to deliver

Our NSI and SSAIB accreditations means we provide both excellent service and professional quality for our CCTV installations, maintenance and monitoring.

If we were to install a system you purchased, this would not only compromise our accreditations but we may not be completely familiar with the hardware or software you purchased through the internet.

While we can work with almost any CCTV products in the industry, there are reasons we choose the suppliers that we do. We trust the quality and longevity of the systems we use and we will never install something that we are not completely satisfied will do its job.

Which leads us to the next question...

Can you install a CCTV system yourself?

Well, you could, but we wouldn't be selling you the system.

How could we be sure of the safety of our customers?

You may think that you can just point a camera wherever you like on your property, but if it's wrong then it could be illegal - which would put you in a lot of bother.

Not to mention, can you honestly say you know the best angles to get the correct shot, or how to position the camera so that it doesn't pick up interference from another electrical device?

How about ensuring a burglar can't interfere with the system?

In our opinion, there are just too many important variables that need to be considered for it to be worth installing a system like this yourself.

How To Get A Quality CCTV System You Can Be Sure Of

If you really want to protect your home, then getting a professional security installation is the best way forward.

So look for an NSI Gold or SSAIB accreditation with the security company you choose, it ensures a level of quality and service that you won't necessarily get using an unaccredited company.

Beat the burglars once and for all!!!

It's Blake's NSI Gold and SSAIB accreditations that allow us to pass our expertise on to homeowners, like you.

We have developed an interactive quiz that addresses potential security weak points in the three most vulnerable areas of your property. Look at your home through a burglar's eyes... is it as safe as you thought?

Click here or tap the image below to take our 5 minute quiz. It's that fast to find out how safe your home really is!


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