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A team that manages everything, so you don't have to

If you've been in charge of maintaining a building or arranging fire protection and security for your school or business, you will know!

There's nothing more frustrating than managing one of these projects.

It's incredibly difficult organising and keeping track of:

  • different suppliers
  • different lead times
  • different points of contact

The stress and additional time involved - on top of your day job - is a headache that nobody wants. 

But it doesn't have to be stressful and frustrating...

At Blake's, our One Stop Shop offers security, fire, building and electrical works in one seamless and stress-free package!

The trouble is, businesses we talk to are often unaware of how much we can do for you!

This page takes a quick look at all of the services we offer.

"We know you do security, can you do refurbishments too?"

Yes! The slider above illustrates the multitude of services we provide. We often work with schools and businesses to complete projects that combine a number of jobs, including security equipment, fire safety and refurbishments.

"Why is it easier for me to choose Blake's One Stop Shop?"

We take the stress away.

As you will know, managing projects with different suppliers is stressful. It requires a lot of time and effort to:

  • co-ordinate timelines
  • call each supplier for updates
  • schedule visits
  • manage individual projects

And, you have to pay more for the privilege with separate call-out fees and higher overall costs! Instead, use a single company for everything, we handle the stressful part, while you see the project progress without the organisational headache. It's a winner!

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Here are four reasons why using Blake's One Stop Shop will make your life easier:

1. We're always prepared

Using one company for the installation and maintenance of all your systems is usually cheaper. 

Especially when using Blake's. We carry spare tools in the van so that, if an unexpected issue arises, there is a good chance we will have the necessary equipment to address and fix it - instead of having to schedule another site visit!

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2. Reduce delays

You don’t have to wait on the deadlines of another company. Blake Fire & Security Systems is a sub-division of our parent company, Blake Contractors, and all of our experts work from our HQ in Southend!

Operating from the same building means we have a clear line of communication and can organise a synchronised deadline for your project.

3. Everything done to the same exceptional standard

The quality of your equipment and services won't suffer because all of our work will be completed to the same high standards.

You have peace of mind that all of your projects are being carried out by the same, reputable company with the appropriate fire, security, electrical and building accreditations to prove it!

At Blake's, our Dedication to Accreditation is in our blood. You can be certain the completed job will comply with relevant British and European standards.


4. Dedicated experts for each department

Blake's aren't a jack of all trades company!

Each division has its own department with a dedicated expert who has years of experience in their specialty.

Our experts ensure the best equipment is used and the work meets British standards - that's what our accreditations show. This expertise is invaluable for getting the job done to the highest standard, but can also save you money! 

For instance, our CCTV expert, Richard Crane, saved Adventure Island Theme Park money on their cutting edge security system - click here to find out how.

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